American journalist Morgan Brennan has remained an elusive figure with regards to her personal life before & after her marriage.

The CNBC reporter is best known for co-anchoring the CNBC day show Squawk Alley - a destination for everything technology - which airs live from the New York Stock Exchange. The show is on its 5th season currently in 2018.

CNBC: Morgan Brennan discusses why the global growth story will still be intact in 2018 (Published on 29 December 2017)

On CNBC Squawk Alley, she along with co-anchors, Carl Quintanilla and Jon Fortt focus on the junction of Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

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Earlier, she had made a name for herself working as a staff writer and reporter for Forbes Media. She is also known for her appearances on The Filthy Rich Guide, Forbes on Fox, On The Money and Worldwide Exchange.

Morgan Brennan’s Bio (Age)

Morgan, who celebrates her birthday on 26 April at Stamford, Connecticut, is an enigma, in that she has yet to divulge information about her origins, parents and more importantly, her age & height.

The mid-aged beauty likes to introduce herself as a one-time singer, die-hard foodie as per her Twitter bio and as a proof to that her Instagram is filled with plenty of food-related content too.

Foodie Morgan: Morgan Brennan shares a picture of her dessert (Photo: Morgan Brennan's Instagram| 29 September 2018)

Because she flaunts a flawless skin, it isn’t harder to guess that she might be in her mid-30’s. For all we know, her age could be much higher than that.

The Squawk Alley host obtained her Bachelor’s degree from New York University in 2010, graduating summa cum laude in Anthropology and Media Studies. While in college, she interned at Newsweek International.

Morgan Brennan’s Career Height At CNBC: Squawk Alley

After graduation, Morgan worked as a Scheduling Assistant/Video Production Coordinator for Forbes between June 2009 to May 2010.

Later, she was spent eight months working as a Reporter for Forbes Video Network. From January 2011 to November 2013, she served as a Staff Writer for Forbes Magazine.

Her stint at Forbes also saw her make guest appearances on Fox News Channel.

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In December of 2013, recognizing Morgan’s talent, the media giant CNBC acquired her services. Between December 2013 to March 2018, the New York University alum worked as a General Assignment Reporter covering business topics for various CNBC shows.

Beginning of April 2018, she started co-anchoring Squawk Alley. The show airs every weekday at 11A ET.

Morgan Brennan Salary Reveal

Having worked in a big company like Forbes at the start of her career and currently working as a co-anchor for renowned news network like CNBC, it is of no surprise Brennan earns a handsome amount of salary for herself which adds up to her undisclosed net worth.

According to Glassdoor, as an anchor for CNBC, she is currently estimated to earn an average salary between $610K -$683K.

Know About Morgan Brenan's Secretive Wedding To Businessman

The CNBC reporter is married to Matt Cacciotti. Her husband, Matt is the founder/CEO of the firm Gold Street Trading.

Vacay!:- Morgan shared a snap with her husband, Matt enjoying their vacations in Tormina, Sicily on her Instagram on 23 July 2018 (Photo:- Morgan Brennan's Instagram)

The pair had secretly married on 6 August 2011 in - what can only be assumed - an intimate ceremony surrounded by close-knit family and friends.

Morgan Brenan, Please, Reveal Your Cute Baby's Clear Face

Almost five years of marriage, the couple was blessed with a baby daughter in March of 2016.

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Making the pregnancy even more exciting, she and her husband opened a baby registry in Pottery Barn Kids revealing the due date of her labor. And the due date was very precise on the very March 30th! Morgan’s friend, Mo even threw a baby shower after learning about the pregnancy.

Baby Mystery: Morgan Brennan hides her baby face in her pictures (Photo: Morgan Brennan's Instagram)

Despite flaunting her husband on Instagram every now and again of them spending quality time, the CNBC reporter has yet to share a clear picture of her daughter.

Many thought that welcoming a baby would change her secretive personality, but they were wrong.