Trill Sammy's relationship looked all good on the outside, with constant mentions on the social media and endless banter. But all was not well in the rapper's relationship which led to not just one but two failed relationships. 

The star only 20 years of age, is a part of the millennial boom of the rappers, who started their singing journey through social media. After gaining fame through Twitter, he has given plenty of hits including Trappin featuring Soulja BoyCheck Out,  and Just Watch with another Houston rapper Dice Soho. 

For Real For Real: World Star Hip-Hop releases scorching Nah Real freestyle by Trill Sammy on its YouTube channel (Published on 27 April 2018)

Trill started freestyle rapping from a young age. He started posting his freestyle raps on Twitter and slowly began to carve out a name for himself in the Houston hip-hop scene.

Trill Sammy's Career: Aims To Submit His Status In Rap Pantheon

His big break came in 2015 after he and rapper Born Stunna posted a freestyle Netflix & Chill

Trill's voice was lauded by many and gained more attention when he was featured in song Just Watch by Dice Soho.

The rapper's stock rose further after the song and had already created a niche for himself in the Houston rap scene by the age of 17. Not just that, his single wholesale propelled his stars further.  

The year 2016 saw Trill release song Check Out and his first EP, Red Album also released the same year.

The song Trappin from the EP which also featured prominent rapper Soulja Boy was a massive hit and has already been streamed more than 5.5 million times in the SoundCloud.

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Trill Sammy's Remix Of Race Receives Recognition From Its Creator

His cover of Tay-K's The Race in 2017 was massively applauded. The Race's cover was highly streamed in the SoundCloud and Trill even received a personal seal of approval from the big man Tay- K himself.

Similarly, the year 2018 has also been fruitful for the rapper as he has released three song Nah For Real, Feel Better and Do Not Disturb back to back in the first six months. 

Trill Sammy's Personal Life Including Birthday & Net Worth

The rapper was born on 30 November 1997 in Houston Texas and possess a mixed ethnicity; Afro-American, and Puerto Rican.

Trill was destined for greatness at the time of his birth as he shared his birthday with famous people like Winston Churchill, Kaley Cuoco, and Ben Stiller.

His mother was supportive of him as a child and could not believe when her son became an internet sensation in 2015. 

His time at the hip-hop scene has seen Trill earn a decent amount of money. The rapper has a net worth of $300,000, a considerable amount for a rapper just past his teenage and finding his feet in the crowded hip-hop scene.

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The Infamous 2016 Chain Snatching Incident Featuring Trill Sammy

Getting your chain snatched by another man in Hip-Hop tantamounts to being stripped off of your honor. Trill found himself in the same predicament in 2016 as he was stripped off of his chain by a rapper named LITO BANDZ.

The Huston native was making a club appearance in Greensboro, North Carolina at the time when he was filmed on camera getting his chain snatched by LITO.

Online outlets including DJ Akademiks covered the incident vehemently after the video of the event went viral.

Trill Sammy Flaunts Girlfriend Shannon Clermont On Twitter

He was seen flaunting his girlfriend on Twitter on multiple occasions in the year 2015. The rapper was dating Reality star and one-half of the Clermont sisters Shanon Clermont. And judging by their Twitter mentions and perks, the couple was hot in heels over each other. 

In October 2015, he labeled Shanon as his girlfriend and a month later both the couples acknowledged their relationship. 

On 1 November 2015, when Shanon retweeted a tweet about the perfect kind of guy a girl would want, to which Trill replied that she already had one. And Shanon showed her love to the rapper by commenting 'True Love.'

Twitter Love: Trill Sammy and Shanon Clermont express love for each other in 2015 (Photo:

The exchange laid bare their romance to all the public. However, the couple departed from the fore, and their social media posts became a rarity after the end of 2015. And the couple's break up was confirmed in 2017.

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Trill Sammy Brief Fling With Twerk Queen Mizz TwerkSum 

Trill was reported to have found a new girlfriend, Twerk Queen Mizz TwerkSum in 2017. 

After dating for even months in 2017, Mizz confirmed about her break up with the Houston native. Mizz also stated that she fund Trill bitching around with other girls which led to their break-up in August 2017. 

As of now, no news about the rappers dating life has surfaced after his short fling with girlfriend Mizz. The rapper could be concentrating on making it big in his career. And having already been a part of two failed relationships by the age of 20, his decision is understandable.