American YouTuber Tal Fishman started his YouTubing with his brother by his side but never failed to hide his sister and parents from the camera and his huge fan base.

Tal Fishman is widely known for his YouTube channel, Reaction Time, where he reacts to videos that are requested by his subscribers and gives his thoughts and opinions on the content.

Age Of Reaction: Tal Fishman and his fellow YouTuber Dangmattsmith react to the apparent funniest TV commercials of all time (Published on 18 September 2018)

Tal has got another self-proclaimed YouTube channel, Free Time, where he posts vlogs and behind-the-scenes of his reaction content.

Tal Fishman’s Bio: Age, Height & YouTube Career

Born on 27 December 1996, Tal Fishman was raised in Los Angeles alongside his older sister and younger brother. The 21-year-old internet sensation began his journey on YouTube in April 2014 from the channel, Tal and Short with his brother, Adi Fishman.

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Tal and his brother usually performed comedy skits and gained over 200k subscribers in a year. Eventually, Tal created his solo YouTube channel, Reaction Time a year later and while he reacted to viral videos, his fandom grew more.

It wasn’t long before Tal gathered 1 million subscribers in just over a year. As his subscribers increased, Tal was more motivated to post reaction videos, and today Tal has got more than 10 million subscribers with 3 billion views on his channel.

Tal Fishman’s Net Worth As YouTuber

According to sources, Tal Fishman has got an estimated net worth of $600,000 as of 2018. As a YouTuber, he does earn some considerable amount of money through his content.

Now that he has created his vlog channel, there’s no doubt that the subscribers will add in and bring him more fortune. With 10 million subscribers on his main channel, 140k followers on Twitter and 800k followers on Instagram, Tal has amassed his wealth with huge audiences.

Tal doesn’t only make money from his YouTube channel, but he has got his own merch, Timeless Brand, where he sells hoodies and t-shirts with his YouTuber friends.

Tal Fishman Dances Around Gay Rumors

The thing that most fans are curious about is Tal’s sexual orientation. It’s because Tal has never once revealed any behavior that hinted at his attraction to females.

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Adding to that, Tal also took the ‘Are You Gay Test’ in a humorous manner alongside his friends, Anthony Rivera and Michael Rosillo marking the same answers for the three.

By the end of the video, the test revealed the result where the three were almost gay. But, Tal had stated at the beginning of the video that he was straight.

So, putting the jokingly taken test aside, unfortunately for gay guys out there, Tal isn’t gay.

Is Tal Hiding Girlfriend? Schmitty Winkleson 'The One'?

Now, as much as people wanted to know about Tal’s sexual preference, they want to know if he’s dating someone as well. As much as Tal is open about his personal life, he has never mentioned about being romantically involved with someone.

However, there was a vast rumor when Tal reacted to a video of a girl named Schmitty Winkleson talking about how she believed the earth was flat. It hadn’t been days that Tal had uploaded the reaction video when Schmitty responded with a roast video of Tal.

And Tal didn’t miss the chance to react to the video and upload it too. Eventually, Schmitty posted another video where she apologized for the disrespect and confessed her love for Tal.

Well, that couldn’t get more bipolar. The last response Schmitty gave to Tal was about her delusional thinking that she was his girlfriend. In that video, she talked about how their relationship would never end and that it wasn’t the choice of Tal’s fans.

As expected, Tal reacted to that video and uploaded it without any delay. Tal straight up denied any rumors surrounding their non-existent connection.

And Tal didn’t hesitate to show his utter repulsion to the only thought of being in a relationship with her and confessed about regretting to make a video about her.

There you go, Tal isn’t dating anyone at the moment but let’s hope we get to see him introducing his girlfriend soon.

Tal Fishman Is Quite Secretive About His Family

Tal has got two siblings, a sister, and a brother. And while, Tal posts a ton of videos and pictures with his brother, Adi, he is quite hesitant when it comes to revealing anything about his sister or parents.

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There are rare pictures or mentions about his parents and sister which makes it hard to disseminate any information on them. The only thing that’s revealed about his sister is her name, that is, Shani Fishman.

Rare Frame: Tal Fishman with his brother, sister, and parents when he was young (Photo: Pinterest)

The YouTuber, on the other hand, doesn’t hold back a bit when it comes to sharing talks about his 18-year-old brother. He posts tons of pictures with him on Instagram and isn’t hesitant to roast him as a big brother.

Other than that, here’s to the hope that Tal opens up about his whole family to the fans. But, it’s possible that his sister and parents are not comfortable to be on camera so, maybe it will take a bit longer to learn about his family.