American actor Skyler Gisondo had always been a firm favorite among viewers of both sexes male and female alike, creating speculations about his sexuality and being labeled with gay tags. The star, however, seems to be intent on shedding away the rumors and has not just one but two reasons to bust the myth!

The Florida native is widely known for his appearance as Young Shawn on a detective comedy-drama television series, Psych, broadcasted on USA Network with syndicated reruns on ION Television. He currently appears in the lead role of Eric Bemis on horror-comedy web television series, Santa Clarita Diet, which airs on Netflix. 

On-screen obligation: Skyler Gisondo appears as Eric Bemis alongside co-star Timothy Olyphant on the episode of Santa Clarita Diet. (Photo: IMDb)

Skyler was born on 22 July 1996 in Palm Beach County, Florida to ocean engineer parents, Ron and Stacey Gisondo. He attended Milken Community High School in Los Angeles and pursued high school education till he was at the age of 18.

Skyler Gisondo's Career Height; First Television Appearance At Age 7

Skyer began his career on television at the age of 7 from comedy-drama television series Miss Match in 2003. He then lent his voice for various animated comedy movies such as Air Buddies, Space Buddies, and Treasure Buddies.

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His made his first real impact on TV after appearing on the episodes of The Bill Engvall Show, created by comedian Bill Engvall. After getting known through the TV series he then established himself as a household name in Hollywood after portraying the role of Howard Stacy in the superhero film, The Amazing Spider-Man and its spin-off in 2012 and 2014.

Skyler's career is now at an unprecedented height and has a huge number of upcoming projects lined up. His movies such as The Godmother, The Cat And The Moon and Time Freak are on the stage of post-production and scheduled be released within 2018. Moreover, he also has multiple acting projects in the pipeline making him one of the busiest actors today.

Skyler's Alluring Physique And Shirtless Picture Behind His Huge Following

Standing at the height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.71 meters), Skyler has an alluring physique. His ripped and muscular body with prominent abs has helped him attract not just female followers but also has gained a significant number of male followers. 

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The Santa Clarita Diet star on his part feeds of his followers with regular shirtless pictures on his social media sites and bares it all at the earliest opportunity.

What's There To Hide: Skyler Gisondo's collection of shirtless pictures that has attracted both male and female fans alike  

The toned body, however, comes with a perk as he has revealed on multiple occasions of working very hard in the gym and curbing his eating habits to make sure that he is able to maintain his body.

Skyler Gisondo's Dating Status; Possible Girlfriend On Instagram

When comes to dating status, Skyler, aged 22 has been able to puzzle his followers posting numerous pictures with his possible girlfriends. The star has always maintained an intrigue surrounding his relationship status. Not that he has kept quiet on relationship status as he frequently posts random pictures with different girls on his feed. 

He was also seen in 2014 asking help of Hollywood legends Ben Stiller and Robin Williams to help him ask a girl out for his prom.

However, his current Instagram posts hint at a serious relationship with the fellow charm named Ari Haagen. Both of their Instagram accounts are filled with the pictures betokening their romance.

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The duo does not feel bashful about sharing the pictures visiting the exotic sites and attending various events together. 

Possible Girlfriend: Skyler Gisondo poses with his possible girlfriend Ari Haagen at Wölffer Estate Vineyard, New York City in September 2018. (Photo: Skyler Gisondo's Instagram)

Commenting on the posts, some of their followers have even labeled them as a gorgeous couple. And the duo alleged girlfriend-boyfriend has contributed to the mystery by neither confirming nor denying their relationship to the date.

It looks as if the hottest actor in the town finally has found his match!

Skyler Gisondo Is Gay--Not The One Though

Skyler has been enjoying success after success in his career, and with his success, he has also seen him being labeled with gay tags. The rumors have been fuelled not just by the lack of a concrete relationship and his lack of girlfriend but also his huge number of male fans. 

Just because one poses shirtless and has his relationship hidden cannot be labeled a gay, but sadly that is the irony of our times. The star, however, seems intent on clearing his name and his sexuality.

Half the rumors had arisen from his name, as he shared the same name as another social media star, who is openly gay. The mixup between names seems to have added to his gay rumors. 

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Similarly, with his Instagram feed indicating at him having a girlfriend the gay labels are slowly starting to fade out.