Luka Sabbat is not a fan of fame and declared his hate for titles. His life does revolve around irony from being born to famous hefty parents to dating a headline-making girlfriend. Not his cup of tea?

The American native has made himself a place in the modeling industry since 2015 by signing for Kevin Amato’s SoHo for Hood By Air and has worked with million dollars brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, and American Eagle.

Career Height: Luka Sabbat starred on the Freeform Serie Grown-ish (Published on 27 March 2018)

Luka demonstrated his acting in January 2018 through the Freeform's series Grown-ish, whereby he showed the world his endless potentials.

Luka Sabbat Bio (Age): Height, Ethnicity

Sabbat was born in New York City on 26 November 1997. He holds a mix of Irish, English, German and Haitian heritage. Despite being an American native, he grew up in Paris.

The model stands at the height of 5ft. 10 inches. Not tall enough? Then what about his towering career height!

Luka Sabbat Dating Senior Girlfriend; Kourtney Kardashian, Kaia Gerber, Sarah Snyder, Dani Stani On List

Luka Sabbat acts a lot older for his age. Could this be the reason he is with a woman 19 years older than him?

Yes, he is allegedly dating 39 years old Kourtney Kardashian. But the frequent appearance they make together is bound to turn allegation into confirmation.

Their latest dinner date on 14 September 2018 giving the notion of a progressing relationship.

Ring On That Face: Luka Sabbat spotted on a dinner date with Kourtney Kardashian in Nice Guy Club in Los Angeles (Photo: usmagazine)

Prior to Kourtney, he was also rumored for dating model Kaia Gerber, Sarah Snyder and an Australian model Dani Stani. No surprise the girls fall for this charming young boy.  

Luka Sabbat Parents: Designer Father And Chef Mother!

Sabbat was born with a golden spoon because he is a son to well-established parents.

His father, Clark Sabbot is a reputed fashion designer with a legacy of first-generation American born to Haitian parents. He is also a New York native and has been in the business for more than 20 years.

He has grown to a position of freelance designer whom personalities such as J Crew, Ann Taylor, and Loft would prefer. 

Luka's mother, Jessica Romer is no behind in the game of fame either. She is a reputed chef, who was previously shining in the limelight as a fashion stylist. She had also worked with leading fashion show production companies in her former career. 

Every ordinary child would have felt fortunate to have celebrities as parents. But, not Luka. He admitted that he hated camera and fashion while growing up in his official website. But ironically he landed in the similar circle.

Luka Sabbat Adds Jewelry To His Shining Career

Had the young fashion influencer wanted, he could have lived a life of fame without an effort. But he proved himself different. He had the guts to earn it on his own.

The 20 years old has been surprising the showbiz for quite a long time now. From flaunting the charm as a model to showcasing the talents of a designer, he has been keeping up his profile of a creative entrepreneur.

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What’s next on his attainment? It has to be his newfound gig for jewelry. Yes, added another triumph on his already loaded list of endeavors.

He collaborated with Italian jewelry designer Gianni Monini in August 2018, to set up his custom line, LUKA X MONINI. The catalog includes earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and rings valued as much as $2,400.

The young man is a treasure of aptitude and is equally significant at heart. He launched the Sabbat X RLTD clothing line with his father to benefit the charity, Help Haiti.