Ronnie Banks is a musician, model, actor, rapper, singer, songwriter and a famous Vine video creator who earned over 550,000 Instagram followers. He operates the YouTube channels RonnieSwanks and IamRonnieBanks which mainly features vlogs.

In 2014, he performed at Scream Jam in San Francisco along with Derek King. He also appeared in an episode of the ‘CBS’ crime drama show named Criminal Minds during the show's 9th season.

Besides his professional career, Ronnie is known for his taper fade haircuts. With his unique hair, he has managed to demonstrate the versatility of hairstyles.

Hairstyle Portfolio: Ronnie Banks' hairstyle (clockwise) starting from his Cornrows and Man Bun, Freestyle Taper Fade, Taper Fade with Color, to Taper Fade Cut (Photo: 

Many of his fans, who have a kinky grade of hair, take hair inspiration from him. Moreover, his hairstyle portfolio includes the styles that complement curly afros.

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Ronnie Banks Age

Ronald Smith Quincy Hacket III, also known as Ronnie Banks was born on October 20, 1997, in Oakland, CA.

He has a younger sister as well. However, any information regarding the parents of the 21 years of age guy, with a height of 1.96 m is still under the rocks.

Ronnie Banks And His Girlfriend Are No More Together

It came with a surprise when some audiences speculated Ronnie being gay as he shared a healthy relationship with his ex-girlfriend and even had a child together.

Back in 2014, Ronnie and Jasmine Villegas, an American singer, actor, and model started dating each other. After dating for almost two years, the couple welcomed a daughter named Ameera Reign Eloise Hackett.

After being a parent, the couple decided to get engaged, and they finally got engaged in December of 2016.

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Parents Together: Ronnie and his then-girlfriend Jasmine Villegas posing along with their daughter, Ameera (Picture: Ronnie's Instagram)

However, in the year 2018, the couple posted a video on Ronnie’s Youtube channel discussing their split and how they no longer want to be together as a family. Later on, Jasmine got a new boyfriend for herself who owns a clothing store. However, his real name is still a mystery.

Ronnie then made a YouTube video where he mentioned that he was living a life of a single father, taking care of her daughter and he was happy that Jasmine found a new love. Furthermore, he also mentioned that he was still close to her family and her brother, Dream as well.

Find Out The Net Worth Of Ronnie Banks

Back in 2010, Ronnie began his career as a YouTuber. Later on, he was able to gain fame when he started making vine videos. 

Having his YouTube career as well as being a viner, he proved himself as a promising artist when he debuted his single, Wake Up in the year 2014 which reached the tenth spot on the ‘iTunes.

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As most of the earning that Ronnie makes is from his YouTube channel, we can estimate his total net worth by calculating the data through his videos. Yearly, he makes $2.9K - $46.2K from his YouTube channel. So, his total net worth might be on thousands of dollars.