Despite being the daughter of one of the world's richest men, Phoebe Adele Gates was never allowed to become one of those rich spoiled kids who know how to spend money but not how to earn it.

Famous from her birth, Phoebe Gates is the daughter of Microsoft's founder and one of the world's richest men, Bill Gates, and his philanthropist wife, Melinda Gates.

With Father: Phoebe Gates with her father Bill Gates; Phoebe is the youngest of Bill's three children (Photo: Pinterest)

Here we present to you some lesser known wikis about Bill Gates's youngest daughter.

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1. Phoebe Gates's Wiki-Like Bio: Age & Education 

Born on 14 September 2002, in Seattle, Washington, Phoebe Gates is the youngest daughter of the billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates. Phoebe grew up with her two elder siblings, brother Rory Gates and sister Jennifer Gates, in Seattle.

Like her brother and sister, Phoebe got her education from the school her father got his education: Lakeside School, a highly competitive private high school in Seattle. This also happens to be the place where Bill met Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

2. Her Grandparents Were Famous Too 

Although mostly overshadowed by their son's fame, Phoebe’s grandparents were also very prominent people in America.

Her grandfather, William H. Gates Sr., was a lawyer, and her grandmother, Mary Maxwell Gates, a member of the board of directors of First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way.

Although Bill grew a lot on his own, the excellent upbringing from his parents had a considerable impression on him. Hence, it is something he wants to do recreate with his own children as well.

3. Sister Dating Egyptian Boyfriend

While Phoebe is still young and her dating information isn't much known to the public, her elder sister raised quite a few eyebrows when news about her boyfriend became public.

Eldest of the Gates sibling, Jennifer, has been dating an Egyptian boyfriend, Nayel Nassar, for over a year.

Jennifer & Boyfriend: Phoebe Gates's sister, Jennifer Bates, and her boyfriend, Nayel Nassar, on Kuwait (Photo: Nayel's Instagram)

To celebrate their budding relationship, the couple went on a getaway to Kuwait and took to Instagram to share their relationship.

4. Phoebe Grew Up Under Strict Parenting, Bill To Not Bequeath His Wealth To His Children

In spite of being the daughter of Bill Gates, Phoebe, and her siblings, were raised in the modest household. Bill and Melinda were strict parents, not wanting their children to grow up spoiled.

The Gates Children were denied cellphones until the age of 13—i.e., almost until her high school education was over.

On top of everything, Bill has declared that he won't leave his wealth to his children, rather he would give all his wealth to charities. So it seems like Bill's net worth is not going to be Phoebe's net worth in future.

However, to be fair to his children, he would raise them to be successful on their own. For instance, Phoebe is often taken to visit the developing countries to learn about the world around her.

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Although Phoebe will not going to be heir to Bill Gates' multi-billion-dollar empire, she certainly is going to be successful on her own.