The only son of billionaire entrepreneur Bill Gates, Rory John Gates was hailed as one of the wealthiest heirs, but he didn't seem to swerve to luxury as he stood by the concept for philanthropy at the age of 19.   

Rory John Gates is known by many as the only son among the three children of Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates. Despite embracing a life that demands spotlight, he has successfully stayed behind the curtains. 

Making Them Find Jobs: Bill Gates talks about not providing his son and daughters with vast amounts of wealth as it might distort their individual career paths (Published on 6 April 2017)

Rory used to receive science lessons from his father during their vacation in Europe.

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Rory John Gates’ Biography Reveals Normal Upbringing Amidst Wealthy Status

Born on 23 May 1999, Rory John Gates had a normal upbringing alongside his sisters, Jennifer Katharine Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates, despite their elite statuses, being the children of the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

He attended the same private school, Lakeside School in Seattle that his father went to at the age of 13.

While learning different forms of poetry at the age of ten, Rory wrote a seven-line diamond-shaped poem on the physics of light that is called ‘Rory’s Diamante Poem.

It was after his father Bill Gates published the poem on his blog when Rory became a sensation among some masses.

For his college studies, Rory enrolled at the Duke University and obtained a degree in economics and computer science. He eventually graduated from the Fuqua Schol of Business with a masters degree in business administration.

Rory John Gates Is Keen On Finding Job & Avoiding Luxuries

Despite carrying the estimated net worth of $20 million, Rory John Gates refuses to indulge in the provided luxury in his life and has hinted on living a simple life working jobs for his own earnings. In fact, one-third of the allowance that he gets from his parents is mostly given to charities.

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Does that surprise you? Well, this might startle you more; Rory is a huge equalist and contributes his time to the meetings and conferences of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

He isn’t spoiled too much as his mother and father had strict parenting rules, that didn’t let him have a cell phone till he was 13 years of age.

The young feminist lives with his family in a house said to be worth more than $20 million, but he doesn’t seem to have any intention to show-off anything about his wealthy life. His father is an avid car collector and has 23 cars in his garages apparently.

And while Rory might sneak a ride or two in his father’s collections, he has shown every obvious sign of his goal to build his own career by finding jobs, while helping the ones in need.