Monifa Shelton was grieving over her dead friend, Kenneka Jenkins in facebook. She should have gained sympathy but all came to her was an accusation for setting up her friend’s death. Was she responsible for Kenneka’s ill fate?

The 20 years old Chicago native accumulated loathing popularity during September 2017 as a friend of dead Kenneka Jenkins, whose suspicious death whirlwind in the media. According to the various rumor story, she was the one to set up the entire conspiracy. She was even arrested a month later along with her friends by Illinois police.

Arrested: Monifah Shelton was arrested along with friends on October 2017, a month later the investigation of her friend, Kenneka's death started (Published: 9 October 2017)

Whether Monifah was the actual culprit or alleged innocent was not cleared out. And a further update on the process was seldom released. Read on to unravel wiki/facts about the incident.

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Girl’s Night Out Turned Dead & Despaired

Monifah Shelton was one of the partygoers at Crown Plaza Hotel in Illinois, on 10 September 2017. She anticipated fun but all came to her was a grief of losing her friend, Kenneka for good. And worse; allegation of being the murderer.

The girls arrived at the party in hopes of getting high and having fun like the last fun. It did become the last of funs for Kenneka as she was reported missing by Monifah only to get tracked as dead hours later in the walk-in freezer of the hotel.

The hotel surveillance video showed her wandering around on her own, but not anywhere near to the walk-in freezer which raised doubts on whether she died of hypothermia as speculated.

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Kenneka’s mom had a hard time believing her daughter’s demise and the speculated cause of the death.

The social media users didn’t have it easy believing the death to be an accident either. They went on board pointing fingers straight at Monifah through rumor story about the actual cause.

Facebook Upload Referenced The Accusation; Seriously!

Monifah filled her facebook/Instagram with love and concern for her late friend. But it all came down to a live Facebook video to rumor her for killing the very friend.

One of the party attendees uploaded a video on Facebook while Kenneka’s case was on fire showing the situation at the party. The viewers claimed that they heard her plead for help which was grounded by the loud music. Some even said that the pleas were disturbed by the sound similar to toilet flush.

As the video went viral, several stories popped up on the case out of the box. One of such surprising stories was, Monifah set up the murder for $200 with a plot including rape and organ harvesting after the death.

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However, any proofs near to the story were brought up during the investigation. And of course, Monifah had a flipped up say for the matter.

Other Side Of The Story By Monifah Shelton

Monifah loaded her Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to show her love to her dead friend. She unhesitantly highlighted the bonding they shared being equivalent to that of sisters. Had there been void of rumors, her posts would have been utterly believable and even touching.

Amidst the allegations, she didn’t stop grieving over the loss of Kenneka. She even created a suicide hoax when she posted a photo on Facebook, the caption reading her urge to accompany the dead friend.  

Remembering The Dead: Monifah Shelton captioned a photo with her dead friend hinting her will to suicide-which was a mere hoax (Photo: Everipedia)

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She was only attempting to let out the frustration perhaps.

Moreover, she didn’t miss out posting on the rising rumor. She wrote plenty in her defense.

Bro all us was drunk off our shit I’m not pointing fingers at nobody g this shit hurt so bad to Kno u was just enjoying yourself with ur bestfriend when I haven’t been outside in so long y’all need to shut tf up bro Fr I’m sick of all this shit y’all wanna hear y’all self talking just pray help I been doin all I can to look for her I never would think some shit like this would happen it could of been anyone of us I hate this even happening I hate when even went im trying bro and I will never hide nothing just pray I Kno he hear us god we need u right now.”

Whether Kenneka’s death was a mere accident or a precisely planned conspiracy remained a mystery, but if Monifah was the actual culprit, there was no way she would have skipped a tag of a ‘murderer’ in her bio.