American internet personality, Hannah Stocking uproared on her social site after her boyfriend cheated on her. She revealed through her tweet about the disgraceful act of her boyfriend as she caught him naked in bed with a “groupie”. 

The Oregon native is a media person and model who got her identification to mass media through her vine videos collaborating with various vine stars. She is also a famous YouTuber with 5.1 million subscribers.

YouTuber: Hannah Stocking's video on her self-titled YouTube Channel (Published on 26 October 2018)

Besides being a social media personality she has also pursued acting and grabbed a role in the movie Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017) and TV show Undivided ATTN: (2018). She starred in Blink 182s She’s Out Of Her Mind.

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She has also appeared in the E! News segment Countdown to the Red Carpet: the 2017 Grammy Awards with Genta as she joined the team for coverage.

Hannah Stocking Bio

Hannah, who has an attractive hazel eye, was born on 4 February 1992 in Ashland, Oregon, the United States to parents Holly and Jon Stocking.

She belongs to a multiethnic family as her parents were of Greek, Armenian, Hungarian, and Ukrainian descent. She has an older sister named Ruby, and she regards the model and actor Brock O'Hurn as her brother.

Brother From Another Mother: Hannah poses with her brother for a picture (Photo: Hannah Stocking's Instagram| 15 December 2016)

She attended Ashland High School and later went to the Dominican University of California, where she majored in Biological Science/Chemistry.

The 26-year-old started her career as a model and has been featured in several fashion magazines and websites, that makes her familiar face in the fashion industry.

She uploaded her first Vine video titled How girls react to guys VS. How men respond to the girls in 2013. The video made her famous among the people, and her followers gradually started increasing day by day. She has collaborated with various favorite Viners like Melvin Gregg, Alx James, and King Bach.

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Since then she has garnered massive followers of more than 950,000 on her vine account, 251K followers on her Twitter and about 15 million on her Instagram account.

Hannah Stocking Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her With Groupie

Being a gorgeous and sensational social media star it is of no doubt that there are tons of people out there dying to date Hannah. But there are only some lucky guys who got to have her heart.

Hannah has an American professional basketball player, Kyrie Irving as the first name in her dating list. The relationship with Kyrie got started as the pair were pictured going out together back in August 2014.

But alas her dating affair with Kyrie got full stopped as Hannah hooked up with another basketball player, Klay Thompson three months later.

Ex-Boyfriends: Hannah With Klay on the right and with Kyrie on the left (Photo: Blacksportsonline)

Hannah's relationship with Klay started to blossom in November 2014 as they frequently posted pictures together. Everything was perfect between the two lovers until one of them cheated on the other.

Nothing is as awful as your partner cheating on you when in a relationship. It must have been awful for Stocking too to find her boyfriend in bed with a “groupie” in 2015. She ranted on twitter about the incident and deleted all the photo she took from Klay while they were dating.

Twitter Rant: Hannah gets furious over her cheating boyfriend (Photo: Hannah Stocking's Twitter)

The disgraceful act of her boyfriend caused the parting of their relationship.

Hannah Stocking Finds Love Again After Being Cheated On By Ex-Boyfriend

But two awful breakups wasn’t a full stop for Hannah’s quest for love. After breaking up with Klay, Hannah was seen cozying up with a 22 years old Youtube star, Twan Kuyper.

Couple: Hannah with Twan in a beach (Photo: Ranker)

Hannah and Twan have often appeared together in several vine videos from 2016 and their relationship speculations turned out to be a real as Stocking often mentioned him as her boyfriend in several vines.

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She also shared numerous pictures and videos with her boyfriend but sadly the two of them separated a year later in 2017 while the reason behind the break up hasn’t been specified.

Who is Hannah Stocking Dating Now?

In the current days, Stocking seems to be single but she hasn’t stopped making numerous videos confronting various issues with boyfriend while her boyfriend only exists in the videos.

We can’t wait to see who the beautiful Stocking ends up within the coming days!