Alex Ernst, an American Youtube star, once announced on his Twitter stating that he was dating someone everybody. He perplexed his fans with an unconventional choice of partner. 

The Minnesota native is widely known as a contributor to the collaborative YouTube channel, OurPizzaGang alongside various internet personalities such as Christian Collins and Jake Foushee. He runs a self-titled YouTube channel, where he uploads vlog videos.

Vlog for viewers: Alex shares a vlog on his YouTube channel, Alex Ernst in August 2018 (Video: Alex Ernst's Youtube Channel)

He also runs an online shopping website on his name, that sells fancy unisex t-shirts.

Alex's Bio: Birthday, Family, Height

The talented internet sensation was born in 1996 in Scott Country, Minnesota, USA and celebrates his birthday every year on 17th July. He is the youngest child of parents, Rex Ernst and Anita Schiltz and has a sister, Emma, and a brother, John in his family.

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Alex, who stands at the towering height of 1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches), pursued his primary education from Belle Plaine Senior High School in 2014.

Alex's parents divorced in his early age. However, the divorce has left him with little bitterness as he does regularly manifest his love towards them. And his love for his mother was spotted when he wished her on the occasion of the mother's day in May 2017.

When it comes to family gathering, Alex hesitates as it is basically just his entire family getting together to make fun of him.

The young comic prodigy graduated from Belle Plaine Senior High School in 2014.

Alex's Career: His YouTube Journey

He began his Youtube journey by creating his YouTube account in 2009. Later he started contributing to the collaborative channel, OurPizzaGang, where he took up the Tuesday slot.

Apart from YouTube channels, he started making  6-second videos on his  Vine account in 2016. As the collaborative channel stopped posting content in 2014, his popularity increased from Vine videos, hoarding an enormous number of followers on his mind. He has also garnered immense followers on his social sites.

Alex Ernst's Net Worth And Earnings

From his internet career, he enjoys a lavish lifestyle along with healthy net worth.

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Alex, aged 22, has thickened his wallet prominently from his YouTube account that contributes to his net worth. As his channel has amassed more than 840k subscribers, his estimated yearly earnings range from $9.4K to $149.9K.

Besides, his net worth increases from the revenue he collects from his online shopping site. Alex also earned an impressive amount of income while he was associated with OurPizzaGang before its closure.

What Differentiates Alex From Other YouTubers?

Today the independent comedy scenes are mostly divided into two camps: one, the social satirical comedy flourishing around the stand-up scene taking on serious issues, sometimes even giving messages; and two, carefree and less intelligent comedy, of pranks, bloopers, and memes, rising in the social media.

Alex, although a comic in the social media, combines the two forms of comedy to create something unique and fresh. With a tinge of the lightness of the YouTube humor and at the same time laded with the intelligence of standup, Alex's comedy is often times filled with a kind of pomposity, almost bordering self-mockery, and intelligent jokes, which more often than not are about his girlfriend(s).

Listening to Alex, one might get the impression of a vain fool, but that is only the facade to make himself, and not merely his jokes, funny.

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Has Alex Ernst Flaunted His Girlfriend(s) On Social Sites?

The personal life of Alex always seems to mystify to his fans and followers. In August 2013, he implored his Twitter followers to date him. Later, he even made an announcement of dating someone every day and mentioning himself as his girlfriend.

However, his professed girlfriend was noticed by his followers on his Instagram in 2013 when he shared an Instagram picture of his high school dance partner.

Just after a year, he posted another picture with another partner who was also professed to be his possible girlfriend. But, the partners were just limited to dancing. 

In March 2018, one of his female fans messaged him that she broke up with her boyfriend of two years because she was in love with him. Alex reacted to the message stating that he doesn't know the girl but have become a home wrecker somehow.

Recently, Alex shared a Twitter picture of holding a gorgeous in his arms in 19th August 2018. In the caption, he stated that his prayers for a girlfriend worked well.

Possible Girlfriend To Flaunt: Alex Ernst boasts his possible girlfriend in August 2018 (Photo: Alex Ernst's Twitter)

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However, he did not reveal the identity of the lady. As Alex regularly shares humorous posts on his social sites, it is inaccurate to confirm the relationship.

We might, without much error, conclude that Alex hides his personal life behind the jokes, and that is one of his moves to make himself funnier.