For Alia Shelesh aka SSSniperWolf age is just a number. A firm believer in 'You're old enough, If you're good enough' she has everything that one wishes for at the tender age of 26.

The British National is one of the most popular YouTuber who expertise in Call Of Duty gameplay videos. She is also adored by her fans for her anime and video game character cosplays. Most recently, she has started uploading reviews and reaction videos rather than gameplay ones.

SSSniperWolf reviews strange things she buys on Amazon. (Published on Aug 1, 2018 )

SSSniperWolf is one of the first YouTubers who made a career out of gameplay videos on Youtube.

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SSSniperWolf’s Bio: Real Name, Age, Ethnicity, And Sister

SSSniperWolf, whose real name is Alia Shelesh, was born on 22 October 1992, in England. She possesses Greek and Turkish ethnicity, as her parents were of mixed races.

SSSniperWolf had a good childhood with loving and supportive parents. Born in England, her family later moved into States. 

Her family also consists of a younger sister, who has made quite a few appearances on her channel, winning over a huge number of fans on her own. Although Alia's sister's name hasn't been revealed, her fans regularly ask her to bring her sister back to feature on many of her videos. Her younger sister is quite witty, adorable and as beautiful as Alia.  

Although E-Sports is now a multi-billion dollar industry with a bright future in it for its players, it was not always the case before.  Even tech-nerds like Darren Sugg, the creator of Fortnite had to face a backlash from his parents for choosing E-sports. 

However, that was not the case with Triple-S as she was supported by her parents in her passion for gaming and allowed her to become what she wanted. 

She gave education a shot while attending a local community college during the peak of her career but she couldn’t focus both on her education and career. So she dropped out to focus on making a career out of Youtube and gameplay videos. 

Not just that, she also got her a new name, SSSniperWolf from one of the primary antagonist and bosses of game Metal Gear Solid. 

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Dating Fellow YouTuber Boyfriend Evan Sausage

The beautiful Youtuber's love life is not short of a fairytale as she met her boyfriend in a unique fashion. The story of how SSSniperWolf met her boyfriend and fellow YouTuber, Evan Sausage, is so cute that it could make even the hardest atheists believe matches are made in heaven.

She received a private message from Sausage in January 2013, which said,

“I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a Walkie-Talkie.”

She found the text to be the ‘funniest and smartest' thing she had ever heard. This incident showcased Alia was a fellow nerd in a hot body, and when she received that message, she knew that he was her soulmate.

Before dating each other, they started chatting and skyping all day long and finally decided to meet and start a relationship after meeting for the first time in 2014. They have their ups and downs in their relationships but always find their way back to each other.

Alia Shelesh and her boyfriend Evan Sausage go shopping together on 25 July 2018. (Photo: Instagram)

The two are not just happy together, but Sausage is also cutting off some weight from his body to be healthy. Alia, who hasn't been to the doctors in ten years, is helping her babe through the whole process. 

Sniper and Sausage - a couple in rarity - which is why they make the most adorable couple.

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SSniperWolf Boasts Huge Net Worth In Millions At Just 26 Years Of Age

The famous gamer boasts whopping subscribers of over 10 million. She also has a huge fan base, whom she calls, ‘her wolf pack,’ in other social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

At the age of 26, Alia boasts the net worth of $2.5 Million. According to Socialblade, she earns from $34.7K to $555.5K monthly and amasses from $416.6K - $6.7M annually from her YouTube channel, SSSniperWolf.

SSSniperWolf performs Fortnite Dance Challenge in real life. (Published on Jun 3, 2018)

After starting to play video games when she was six years old, she developed a never-ending passion for it. And the passion has now turned into a full-fledged career and given her a whopping net worth.