Darren Suggs, the designer plus developer of the smash hit pc game, Fortnite, had a tough time explaining to his mother what he chose for his career. 

At age 40, the head honcho of Epic Games gained notoriety soon after Fortnite hit the shelves of retail shops, moving over 500 thousand plus units upon its release. At Epic Games, he is the creative director. 

Game Informer: Fortnite Creative Director, Darren Sugg Talks Five-Year Plan about the development of the game (Published on 9 Aug 2017)

He also worked as a Miscellaneous Crew for Marvel Super Hero Squad Online in 2011.

Darren Sugg's Bio: First Tastes Sucess In Gaming World At Age 29

Born on 1 August 1977, Suggs grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. 

He belongs to an American-Eastern ethnic group. He was born into a Jewish family, however, the family names are not yet disclosed. Well-known Adam Sugg and Andrew Sugg hold brothers relationship with him.

He graduated high school in 1996. After completing high school, Suggs joined Marist College in 1997 and graduated three years later in the year 2000 with a bachelors degree in arts. His majors included Communication and Multimedia.

Back then, the web development programme offered by colleges were few and far in between. His stay at Marist helped him hone his skill as a developer -- peaking his interest in HTML, Scripting and Flash Design.

At the age of 29, in 2007,  the release of the game The Lord Of The Rings Online: Shadows Of Angmar was his first taste of mainstream success - as a member of the design team.

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The Lord Of The Rings Online: Mines Of Moria, the sequel to Shadows Of Angmar, which was released a year later, also polished his resume. This is how back to back successes solidified his spot as a creative system design expert in the world of gaming.

In 2011, he started working in the kids online game, Marvel's Super Hero Squad Online, again as a system designer. He would later go on working in promising games such as Gears Of War: Juggernaut; and Shadow Complex: Remastered, in subsequent years. 

Epic Games' Fortnite Increased His Career Height & Net Worth, Salary?

Since joining the team at Epic Games in 2012, the famous designer with average height has seen new heights in his career with his net worth increasing exponentially.

He has increased his fortune as a chief designer for Epic Game's 2017 hit Fortnite. He has also earned revenue designing several famous games for the gaming company.

Being a chief designer, he earns a lucrative salary plus incentives at Epic Games. His salary is estimated at more than $25k monthly. As of January 2018, the role-playing game hosts 40 million players worldwide in its server, essentially making it one of the biggest online games of all time and helping out subtle growth in his net worth which estimates at more than $1 Million.

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A recommendation left on Suggs Linkedin profile reads;

"Darren's a sharp, practical designer who will pretty much put other developers to shame with his sheer tenacity and drive. He's got fantastic insights into both the online game space and the production process. I would highly recommend him to anyone who's interested in actually shipping products - Darren can get things done."

His previous employer in the gaming world includes TenTV; Tribune Inc; and The Amazing Society.

Fortnite on Android: The bypass of the Play Store could cost Google $50 million

After the much-awaited reveal of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10, Fortnite lovers were in for a treat as it's getting launched on Samsung phones through their native app store. After that, it will be available for all capable Android devices to download it directly from Epic Games, Fortnite‘s developer.

According to a well-written article from bgr.com, Epic Games is distributing Fornite on Android through its own servers. The article went on to explain further:

Legitimate apps are almost always distributed through the Google Play Store, because that way, that the apps are legitimate. Downloading software packages from unverified websites is an incredibly good way to install malware; giving users one place to download apps from where the software is vetted and verified helps keep things secure. But in return for maintaining the Play Store, Google also takes a cut of the revenue, and that’s not something that Epic Games is willing to forgo. The move that one report suggests will cost Google $50 million in revenue in the first few months alone. 

Whatever the case, Fortnite fanatics on Android will be loving the news. However, Darren Sugg and his team will be hoping for their 'plan' to bypass Google's Play store to work, whereas this alternative path Epic games has chosen will frighten Google that other app developers might go the same way in the future. 

Fortnite On PlayStation

After the wide popularity of the game Fortnite on Android and IOS platforms within a short time, the game takes center stage and is officially launched in Playstation too. Developers of PlayStation took it to twitter to notify 

Launching the beta version of the game will be an opportunity for PlayStation too as the users are looking for updates and to connect the updates conducting thorough testing to ensure that this cross-platform play can be best on PlayStation too will certainly excite them as well as spread Fortnite's popularity.

Objection Against Career Choice In His Family 

Like many gaming fanatics, Darren spent his childhood playing video games in his house. He has had difficulty explaining his career choice to his family. During a Twitter exchange with YouTuber Hamlinz, he recounted the experience of confessing his love for the games to his  mother as 'weird.'  

No matter how disapproving his mother can be, at the end of the day, he's still mama's boy. Our favorite game developer is no different.

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Replying to his mother's tweet of his childhood picture, on mother's day in 2018, he called her 'pretty cool.' Considering how protective he is of his private life, the rare exchange provided fans with much to cheer.

Family Life: Rare twitter exchange between Darren and his mama Sugg (Photo: Darren Sugg's Twitter)

Darren Sugg, like many of us, seems to be humbled by a mother's presence.