American journalist Bryant Gumbel successfully kept his cancer battle away from the media for months, hiding surgery and the reason behind his weight loss.

But it wasn't only cancer that contributed to his weight loss; he exercised well and kept his body fit even in his 50s.

Gumbel's Illness: Lung Cancer

The Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel host shocked his fans by revealing his health issue back in December 2009.

Let alone fans, Gumbel had kept his cancer a secret from the staff of his HBO show, Real Sports. He had recorded his monthly show on time and never missed work. 

Thus, his colleagues and fans didn't know he had cancer in late 2008 and had undergone surgery to eliminate the malignant tumor.

The media personality opened up about his health only after two months of the surgery while attending the American talk show Live With Regis and Kelly in the first week of December 2009.

He had made the guest appearance as a substitute for Regis Philbin. And behind the stage, when Kelly asked him to dance, he had no option than to confess his surgery. 

It's nothing to run from, it's just that I've not made it public. Two months ago I had cancer surgery.

The Louisiana native gave details that the doctor cut through his chest to take the malignant tumor and a part of his lung. He revealed that the surgery hadn't erased all cancerous cells, and he had to go through further treatments.

Though the primary cause for lung cancer is never distinguishable, many pinpointed that his lung cancer could have been a long-term effect of his chain-smoking. Back in his twenties, the journalist smoked three packs a day. He quit smoking after he landed his job at the CBS News as an anchor.

Thankfully, the surgery helped, and his pathology on most of the stuff turned out to be benign. A year after the medication, he became free of cancer and shared the joyful news with People on December 2010. 

Bryant is healthy now and is hosting HBO's acclaimed investigative series, Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel.

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Lost Weight With Exercise

Before his lung cancer played a significant role in weight loss, Bryant already balanced his weight through exercise. He went to the gym every day after completing his work at the SportsCenter and did an hour of cardio. His daily routine also comprised an hour of weight lifting.

In 2003, he revealed to The Washington Post that he lost 55 pounds. 

Is Married To Wife Hilary Quinlan

The 72-years-old started his relationship with his wife, Hilary Quinlan after separating from his first wife, June Baranco, in 1997. He has two children, a son named Bradley Christopher Gumbel and a daughter named Jillian Gumbel from his first wife.

Bryant proposed to his now-wife, Hilary, in 2001, and they married in August 2002. His daughter, Jillian, married William Russell Robins on November 11, 2011.