Love Is Blind is an acclaimed Netflix dating reality TV series. Season 1 premiered on February 13, 2020, and has 11 episodes altogether. 

The show quickly became a fan favorite after its release. As a result, it was renewed for two more seasons on March 24, 2020. 

While finding a significant other via social experiment is interesting, many fans can’t help but wonder if the show is scripted. 

Format of Love Is Blind 

Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the series revolves around 30 single people who speed-date each other for ten days. 

The individuals are only allowed to talk but not see each other. The singles are kept in a soundproof pod from where they communicate with each other via speakers. 

Men propose to the women they want to marry whenever they want. 

The singles can only meet each other face to face after they get engaged. Then the engaged couple head to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where they get to know each other more. 

After their retreat, the engaged couple meets their significant other’s family and friends. They also move together to the same apartment complex in Atlanta to explore each other’s living conditions. 

Last, a wedding ceremony is conducted. Then, at the altar, the duo decides whether to get married or break up. 

Even though the series released in 2020, it was shot in 2018. One of the show’s singles, Damian Powers, revealed that the filming for season one ended on November 15, 2018. 

To not give out spoilers, the married couple had to hide their relationship from the media for more than a year. 

Is Love Is Blind Real or Fake?

Yes, Love Is Blind is genuine and not scripted. From pairing the singles to the wedding ceremony, everything is real, as reported by the people involved in the show. 

This was also confirmed by Melissa Cuevas, sister of Mark Cuevas, via her Instagram. She responded “none of it” to a follower who asked if the reality show was scripted.  

The creator, Chris Coelen, gave an inside scoop to Entertainment Weekly on February 14, 2020. Coelen said that the producers and showrunners were surprised by the couples. 

He said that they had not expected so many couples to end up together and get married.

Initially, everyone was worried the show would not be successful, but the couples surprised them, making the show successful. 

Although only 30 singles were featured on the show, there were many other people. Coelen revealed that a few non-featured singles also got engaged in the end. 

Coelen told Variety that producers are not allowed inside the pods. So the contestants would be left alone in their pods to spend time with the people they were dating. 

The singles could control their dates with no restrictions. For example, Coelen revealed that if they wanted to have dinner with their dates in their pods, they would be allowed to do so. 

They could do whatever they wanted, other than to touch each other or see each other… We wanted them to make the decisions and them to control their destiny.

Similarly, the producers were not allowed to interrupt the contestants. They could not give cues; instead, they just let the singles do whatever they wanted. 

The only thing the producers could help with was setting dates. The contestants would let the producers know who they wanted to talk to. 

Accordingly, the producers would talk with the other person. If they agreed, they would make sure that the two would be in the pods for their date. 

Although everything surrounding the couples' engagement and marriage seems real, reality television has an uncanny history of harmonizing fact with fiction in the interest of entertainment. 

As such, these details must be taken with a pinch of salt.