.American conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren is known for her controversial conservative political views, and because of them, she has faced backlashes from various events around the world. Yet in 2017, she made an unprecedented move in one of the highly reputed progressive shows, The View. Her pro-abortion statement on the show got her own conservative show suspended. However, sometime later, she found safe heaven at FOX News as a contributor and debuted in the famous show Hannity.

Previously, the South Dakota native was best known around the world as the host of Tomi Lahren show on Glen Beck owned magazine, The Blaze, before being suspended for her pro-abortion statement that she had made on The View.


Hosting Messages: Tomi Lahren speaks off on the Democrat Party's message heading into the midterm elections (Published on 19 Sep 2018 )

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Tomi Lahren is currently hosting, “Final Thoughts,” and “First Thoughts,”  on Fox Nation, similar to what she did on The Blaze.

Tomi Lahren Bio: Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Education

Tomi Lahren was born on 11th of August 1992 to parents Kevin Lahren and Trudy Lahren in Rapid City, South Dakota in the United States of America. Her parents have been together for more than 37 years and are supportive of her career. 

The 26-year-old American TV host, graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2014 with a degree in broadcast journalism and political science.  She belongs to German and Norwegian ethnicity.

Tomi Lahren’s Ex-Boyfriend Jerad Christian Inspired Her Media Rant

In 2015, Tomi Lahren had become popular due to her speech against Obama’s policy on ISIS. She called out the unable, half-baked system a useless entity.

The Daily Mail had then reported that she was motivated to do so because of her then-boyfriend, Jerad Christian, an active-duty Navy SEAL then.  

Boyfriend-Girlfriend Alert: Tomi Lahren posts a picture on her Instagram of a screenshot when she was on Facetime with her boyfriend Christian (Photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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The partners had met when Christian was based at the Naval Amphibious Base, Colorado in San Diego in February 2015.

The couple was seen dating for some time in Lahren’s Instagram page, but now, all of those have become just memories.

Though the reasons for break-up regarding Tomi with her 'could-be husband' were not made public, it was quite easy to notice that Lahren and her boyfriend had broken up.

In September 2016 Guardian profile, ‘boyfriend at the time’ is added to the name of Christian, which made it sure that the dating couple had broken up.

Did Tomi Date The Bachelorette Contestant, Chase McNary?

The beautiful woman in her mid-twenties had also been previously linked with The Bachelorette contestant Chase McNary. However, in March 2017, Chase told US Weekly that he was dating Tomi but wasn’t in a serious relationship.

He said that they were talking for about two weeks, but we weren’t in the same place, so they went their separate ways. He further added:

I have nothing bad to say about her. She’s a great girl.

So the dating rumors ended soon after Chase’s statement about the not-serious relationship. 

The TV host had also confirmed in an interview in the show The Daily Show With Trevor Noah that she had previously also dated a black guy, but it ended too soon. 

Does Tomi Lahren Have New Boyfriend?

Controversy queen Tomi has always been a subject of talk due to her bold statements on  TV shows and her relationship status. She is immensely popular and beautiful TV presenter, and there is no doubt people want to know about her relationship status.

After her past link ups, in 2018, Tomi has been seen posting several pictures on Instagram with Brandon Fricke, who is Assistant Director of Football Operations at Vanguard Sports Group.

Not only Tomi but Brandon has also posted their pictures on his Instagram.

Boyfriend or not: Tomi Lahren and  Brandon Fricke spend quality time in 2018 (Photo: Tomi’s Insta)

Her closeup pictures with Brandon has raised speculation among fans that they might have been dating.

Tomi's Keeps It Low-Profiled On Getting Married 

With all the success she has achieved so far, she might have been thinking about settling down with her life and make her personal life right. However, she has not yet revealed if she wants to get married and have a husband.

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With her successful career in her mid-20s, she seems in no hurry for having a husband, but the truth is far away from the eyes of the audience.

Any case it may, it is quite not obvious if she is in search of a husband and wants to get married. So for the time being, it is only to be seen how she progresses in FOX media with her blazing talking style and caustic questioning to present what she feels like to the audience.