Zoe LaVerne seems to have moved on from her recent scandal and is currently focusing on her baby and marriage. 

A few weeks ago, LaVerne had given birth to her daughter, Emersyn, and announced the special occasion on Instagram with a selfie of her baby and the father, Dawson Day. However, fans were riled up when she introduced a paywall for exclusive baby photos. 


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Followers were asked to pay $15 to view exclusive photos of her birth and family. Her name was dragged through the mud as people accused her of profiting off her baby daughter. And to rectify the situation, LaVerne deleted the post and apologized for her actions. 

She also mentioned that the money made from the paywall would be going towards a local shelter. After that, things settled down for a while but not for long as she surprised fans with another significant announcement. 

Zoe LaVerne Announced Her Marriage

Following her controversial Instagram posts, on October 7, LaVerne announced her marriage to Day. 

She uploaded a series of snaps with her family from her marriage. In the caption, she mentioned that she was legally married to Day on October 5 and that they were planning on having "a big wedding in June or July." She also mentioned that her baby could not attend but would be there for the big celebration. 

In May, Day, who had been LaVerne's boyfriend for nearly six months, proposed to her during their gender reveal party. LaVerne was caught off guard and later told her fans that she had not seen it coming. 

Many people felt that they had gotten engaged too fast because they had been dating for only six months. But the happy couple did not care what others thought. The TikTok star explained that she had known her boyfriend for three years and that they were doing the right thing by getting married. 

Zoe LaVerne and Her Husband Get Tattoos of Their Baby

After getting married, LaVerne and her husband got tattoos of their child. 

Zoe LaVerne's New Tattoos (Souce: Zoe LaVerne's Instagram)

On October 19, LaVerne and Day took to their Instagram stories to share pictures of their tattoo that they had gotten in honor of their baby girl. LaVerne had gotten Emersyn's full name tattooed along her arm with a heart shape. 

She also got a tattoo in honor of her husband. She tattooed Dawson's name on her other arm, and beneath it was a sweet message for him. 

While LaVerne's tattoo was straightforward, Dawson got a little creative with his. Instead of just getting a name tattooed. It looked like he had gotten a pocket watch with the time of Emersyn's birth tattooed

Some day Emersyn might understand the tattoos her parents got in her honor.