For the past few weeks, The Wilking Sisters have garnered much attention because of their ongoing drama. 

Miranda Wilking (Miranda Derrick) and Melanie Wilking have been in the entertainment industry for years. The siblings are currently in their early 20s, and they have achieved a lot at a young age. 

They can dance, act, sing, and model, and the duo has worked with many renowned figures like Iggy Azalea, Lele Pons, Jason Derulo, and Bruno Mars

Alongside working with famous artists, The Wilking Sisters have a huge online presence. They are active on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. 

As a result, they have garnered a massive fanbase. But currently, the fans are divided between the two sisters. 

The Wilking Sisters posing for a picture.

The Wilking Sisters posing for a picture. (Source: Instagram)

This is because The Wilking Sisters have drifted apart after Miranda got married. Moreover, Melanie has been accusing her sister of being involved in the cult alongside her husband. 

The situation is messy, and here is everything we know about the drama. 

Is Miranda Derrick in a Cult?

At the end of February 2022, Melanie and her parents went on Instagram live to address the situation with Miranda. Miranda had not been making much content with her sister after she got married. 

Fans were worried about the elder sister, wondering what made her drift apart from her family. Melanie said that Miranda was held hostage by a church-based cult named Seven Mountain Mandate. 

Seven Mountain Mandate is based on Isaiah 2:2 of the Bible verse, which claims they are "a group of self-proclaimed 'apostles' have a plan rooted in biblical prophecy to 'invade' every sphere of life as we know it."

Melanie Wilking's TikTok, accusing her sister of being in a cult.

Melanie Wilking's TikTok, accusing her sister of being in a cult. (Source: TikTok)

They claim they aim to eliminate institutions of demons and witchcraft. Melanie later uploaded a video on TikTok where her sister, Miranda, was dancing to 'My Life' by Billy Joel. 

Alongside the video, Melanie begged her fans to read and interact with it. She wrote Miranda was a victim of a cult in LA and had cut off contact with the Wilkings since January 2021. 

She and her parents were concerned for Miranda since they claimed the latter had no control over her social media. According to the youngest Wilking Sisters, Seven Mountain Mandate is completely secluded. 

The cult had no information online, and if someone wanted to join it, they had to be invited. Moreover, Melanie asserted the cult took over everything in their member's life, including "life, time and finances."

In the end, she asked her fans to flood Miranda's comments, telling her to reach out to her parents and sister. Via the captions, she wished to get her sister back again, as soon as possible. 

Comments on Melanie Wilking's TikTok where she accused her sister of being in a cult

Comments on Melanie Wilking's TikTok where she accused her sister of being in a cult. (Source: TikTok)

The comment section on TikTok is supportive of Melanie. They wished her the best and hoped the Wilking Sisters would soon be back together. 

Melanie has also been addressing the situation on her Instagram. She often goes live with her parents and begs her sister to return to the family. 

Miranda Derrick's Response

On February 27, 2022, Miranda responded to her sister's accusations and drama via Instagram Stories, later posting to her TikTok. She confessed Melanie kicked her out of their joint Wilking Sisters' TikTok account. 

She admitted that she had stopped talking to her family, but that was not because of the cult. Instead, she did so because her family was racist and called the police on her then-boyfriend-now-husband, James Derrick. 

The police were called on Derrick when Miranda moved in with her boyfriend. According to Miranda, her family accused Derrick of kidnapping and abusing her.

They also tried to manipulate her and change her opinions about Derrick. But when Miranda did not comply with those, they physically held her back and harassed her.

Her father took her license so that she would not run away from them. Fortunately, she managed to escape her parents and go back to Derrick.

Miranda also said she was not involved in a religious cult. However, she defended it and revealed the members get to talk to their families, but she does not speak because of their behaviors.

She added that she and her husband were grown adults who could live with one another if they wanted. Miranda feared her family and did not go to the funeral of her "Papa," thinking she would be held captive there. 

She ended her note saying she did not walk to talk about her family in public like she had to do.

Comments on Miranda Wilking Derrick's TikTok

Comments on Miranda Wilking Derrick's TikTok. (Source: TikTok)

She received massive support from her fans and followers following her statement, claiming that she needed to separate herself from her toxic family. 

Both the Wilking Sisters are saying two different things, and nobody knows the truth about this drama. Various speculations are going on via their fans and followers, but nothing has been confirmed for sure. 

Therefore, everything should be taken with a grain of salt until one verifiable truth about this drama is revealed.