Arguably, the one YouTuber to make news every day is Trisha Paytas. Their life seems to be very interesting, given the dramas surrounding her. 

Be it the scandal with Ethan Klein and his mother Donna Klein or the beef with notorious YouTuber Keemstar and Gabbie Hanna — Paytas is omnipresent.

In most recent developments, they have found themselves in a whirlwind involving their love life. Their fiancé, Moses Hacmon, has received many allegations that he was/is cheating on his partner.  

Moses Hacmon’s Ex Accused Him of Cheating 

In Paytas’ YouTube channel, Hacmon seems to be a charming man who will do anything for them. From making funny skits with them to applying massive prosthetics for their videos — Hacmon is a devoted fiancé.

All these said, Hacmon seems to have a lot of skeletons to hide. He usually keeps things to himself, and there is not much information about him online. But recently, many things about his past life have been surfacing. 

Apparently, Hacmon has been married twice and has a child with one wife. Similarly, he has dated many women and even cheated on at least one of them. 

Since then, a lot of drama channels have been investigating Hacmon and his life before Paytas. That is when a tea channel named Rich Lux uploaded a video about Hacmon’s ex exposing him via Instagram Stories.

Daphney, aka @Ms.Mercury, claimed to be Hacmon’s ex-girlfriend, answered people’s questions about their relationship, and further commented about him and Paytas.

While answering questions on Instagram Stories, Daphney claimed she had retained none of Hacmon’s messages from the past as he had “really hurt” her. Similarly, she alleged Hacmon cheated on her with Paytas. 

She found Hacmon was cheating on her after fans sent her Paytas’ OnlyFans content with him. 

One of the other questions read, “Moses using Tricia?,” to which Daphney responded he used to live in Inglewood and now lives in a mansion by betraying everyone he loved.

This was the direct shade at Hacmon’s fallout with his sister Hila Klein and Ethan’s family. Hacmon sided with Paytas when they and Ethan were publicly feuding. 


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Daphney further exposed Hacmon for always wanting to betray the Kleins. She claimed that Hacmon constantly badmouthed them and the H3 Podcast crew. 

These revelations are terrifying, and it feels like the dark side of Hacmon is being exposed. Hacmon allegedly had been manipulating, gaslighting, and stealthing her. 

She also accused him of lying about his history of intimacy with many women and putting them at risk. She termed him “dangerous” and said she wasn't able to see his true colors since she was in love with him. 

Hacmon further manipulated Daphney by blaming her for “destroying the podcast and ruining H3H3’s [Ethan and Hila] career.” 

Trisha Paytas Does Not Care 

Following all the allegations, Paytas posted on TikTok saying they don’t care about Hacmon’s past. Instead, they basically mocked people who were trying to make them aware of the situation. 


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Paytas said that people were bringing up “the same drama” from over a year ago. Hacmon, on the other hand, has not responded to any allegations by Daphney. 

However, he has responded to a different cheating accusation via Twitter. On September 2, a picture of Hacmon and another woman had resurfaced on the H3H3 subreddit. 

A Twitter user, @LivLovesLem0ns, informed Hacmon about the picture and told him about cheating speculations. Hacmon responded the same day and said that the woman in the photo was one of his best friends. 

He further added that the best friend was invited to his wedding, hinting that he was never involved with the woman. Hacmon then opened up about people “making up lies” to hurt him and his family.