Is fighting on the internet worth breaking one's family apart? Of course not, but it sure seems worth it for Trisha Paytas, Moses Hacmon, Ethan Klein, and Hila Klein. 

Since May of 2021, Paytas and the Kleins have been going back and forth, fighting about everything and nothing. Paytas is engaged to Hila's Brother, Hacmon, so technically, they are family. 

On this note, Ethan and Paytas started a podcast called Frenemies. The podcast's name speaks for itself — they began as enemies and slowly became friends because of Hacmon. But now, they are back to being enemies. 

The feud initially started when Paytas left the podcast because of misunderstandings and financial differences. In addition, Hila had just gotten pregnant at the time, so the situation was stressful for everyone. 

Slowly the scandal went out of hand, to the point where Ethan's mom, Donna Klein, texted Hacmon to stop the drama, since Hila had a higher chance of miscarrying back then. 

This made Paytas furious, and they went on a rant calling Donna evil and compared her with Satan. As a result, Donna was attacked by Paytas' fans, and Ethan declared he would never take Paytas' name again. 

Then, he and his wife blocked Paytas and Hacmon. Blocking Paytas was understandable, but when Hacmon was blocked, fans knew that the drama had caused a rift between the family. 

Since the drama started, Hacmon had not spoken about it. However, in August 2021, he replied to various replies and mentions on Twitter addressing the drama. 

Moses Hacmon's Take On The Feud 

In the past month, Hacmon has exposed Ethan and his sister by going on a rant on Twitter. And this all goes back to when he started dating Paytas, after she appeared on the Kleins' podcast. 

At the beginning of 2020, Ethan and Hila organized The Bachelorette style dating show to find Paytas, a partner. Then, Paytas mentioned she was interested in Hacmon, but the Kleins did not like the idea. 

Regardless, Paytas started dating Hacmon, and eventually, within a few months, they were engaged. Back then, the Kleins had warned Hacmon because of Paytas history with men and her occupation. 

Paytas has always been very upfront about her STDs and being an escort, so Ethan pointed it out to Hacmon and asked if he wanted to date her. While Ethan might have just been looking out for his brother-in-law, Hacmon took offense to it. 

It has almost been a year since the incident occurred, and now, the video has resurfaced on the internet. On August 26, 2021, he revealed that Ethan's fans started harassing him after that incident. 

Similarly, he was also painted in a negative light because he dated someone he loved. He pointed out that Ethan made fun of him and made him look bad for being with Paytas, instead of being happy for him. 

One user pointed out that Hacmon was just as guilty for the drama since everyone took it to the internet to have a feud and profit off the drama. Hacmon then shaded Ethan, saying he has no profit, and Ethan is putting Paytas name on videos to profit off it. 

He related this to Ethan and Donna's podcast, Families, where the title of their ninth episode was 'What Did My Mom Text Trisha?' Donna had sent the text to Hacmon, so according to Hacmon, putting Paytas' name in the title was Ethan profiting off drama. 

Hacmon had a lot to say to his brother-in-law. He called out Ethan for being full of himself and selfish. Similarly, he hinted Ethan was fueling the drama and not Paytas. He also exposed Ethan for editing the podcasts to make himself look good. 

All in all, it is evident that Hacmon is not a fan of Ethan. However, many fans are worried about his relationship with his sister. Following the drama with Paytas, Hila blocked both Paytas and Hacmon. 

Many blamed Hacmon for putting drama and attention ahead of his pregnant sister. Hacmon got furious over this allegation and ranted that defending himself is not drama. 

He repeatedly said in different tweets that he was not hurting Hila, but the fans were. Hacmon pointed out that Than and Hila finding themselves in new lawsuits was causing the stress and not Paytas. 

Looking at the situation right now, it seems like Hacmon is favoring his fiancée over his sister. However, nobody knows what is going on behind the scenes except the Kleins, Hacmon, and Paytas.