In a recent video uploaded by The Hollywood Fix, Bryce Hall hinted at a possible reunion with Blake Gray and Noah Beck. Hall revealed to have followed Gray on Instagram but told the reporter that Gray was yet to follow him.

"I might have to sauce him with that unfollow again," joked Hall. 

Hall also expressed his knowledge regarding Beck's trip to "Paris right now." All of this indicates he is still friends with Gray and Beck and is keeping tabs.  


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There are suggestions that TikToker Hall is bringing back Sway House, a name given to a Los Angeles-based collective group of TikTok content creators.

The group, founded in January 2020, was officially put to an end earlier this year in February. However, the founder of the creative house, Hall, tweeted on August 12, 2021, to announce that he had "left sway."

After the news was broken on the social media platform, fans of the group reacted in amusement and disbelief.

Is the Sway House Boys Reunion Happening Soon?

Yes, there's a big probability of it happening. Even though nothing has been officially announced in a clear-cut manner, there are strong hints and clues which suggest the reunion is happening soon. 

A few days ago, The Sway House released a story-based animated game titled Sway Stories which features fellow former house members, Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson. It can be taken as a strong hint at a possible coming together of the creative house. 

Another strong hint that the group is coming back to life can be taken from Hall's Instagram post made on September 25, 2021. In his social media, Hall has posted a series of images of himself alongside former members, Gray and Johnson, with an interesting caption, "Sway might be back." 


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In the pictures, the three boys can be seen engaged in outdoor recreational activities. In the first few images, Hall can be seen juggling alongside a football pitch, while in the last image, all three content creators are seen having fun on a beach volleyball court. 

The updates look promising and suggest the feud is over between Hall and others. It looks like they are still friends. However, for the fans of Sway House, it will be a long hard wait until something is officially announced. 

How Did Sway House Come To an End?

Initially, the group was brought to an end following tensions between Gray, Beck, and Hall. Talking to The Sync, Hall explained the wrongdoings and tensions between himself and the others.

In the YouTube video, TikToker Hall talked about the drama as he told the host, 

I brought these kids in, blew them up in Sway, and then I say, 'Yo, you guys want to get another place?' Blake doesn’t even respond, and they're going house-hunting behind my back even though I'm house hunting for all of us.  

Hall spoke of the beef and how he didn't even know until five days ago that the duo of Gray and Beck were moving out of the house, leaving Sway House in disarray. 

Hall further revealed that after he "literally took these kids under my wing" and "literally gave these kids like a platform," they "don't even have the common decency" to thank him.