Last summer, TikTok stars Addison Rae and Bryce hall were the talk of the town when they officially confirmed they were dating after making fans wonder for a year.

But shortly after, the pair broke up with speculations that Hall cheated on Rae throughout their relationship. 

Now that the relationship has ended, many fans seem to think that both have already moved on, with Rae rumored to be dating musician Omer Fedi. Hall was linked with Lana Rhoades, Josie Canseco, and Tana Mongeau.


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But now it appears there’s a new rumored woman in his life, TikTok star Riley Hubatka.

On July 11, Hubatka posted a TikTok of her and Hall doing a viral dance trend. Fans soon called out the particular song and dance combo, noting that Hall did the same routine with Rae when they were together.

As a result, people started shipping Hall and Hubatka. For weeks, the pair posted flirty TikToks together, fueling more speculations until Hall responded to the dating rumors during a TikTok Live.

Hall Responds to Rumors

On August 4, Hall went on a TikTok Live and answered the questions that everyone was dying to know about. 

Me and Riley are not dating. So, everyone that thinks we are, shut it down.

 He continued, saying they were vibing, and that he was a 21-year-old who was "just doing his thing." 


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The TikTok star addressed the dating rumors in June. In one of Hubatka’s TikTok clips, a fan commented, “So you and Bryce,” to which Hall responded with a video claiming she was like a sister before pretending to go in for a kiss. 

Hubatka then ran away from Hall before coming back to tell fans to stop associating her with Hall in the comments immediately. 

Despite their claims, in Hall’s recent vlog titled 'WE DID IT FOR THE FIRST TIME,' the pair shared a kiss. Before the intimate moment, Hubatka insinuated she was just kissing Hall because he lost a sparring match.

However, the kiss intensified the rumors, and fans were convinced that the two were in a relationship despite Hall’s denial. 

Hall Might Have Confirmed Dating Hubatka

Although the pair have continuously denied dating, during a recent outing while conversing with the paparazzi from The Hollywood Fix, Hall might have accidentally revealed that Hubatka is his girlfriend.

As they waited for their car to arrive, Hall talked with the paparazzi about turning 22 in a week and wanting a drink. Meanwhile, Hubatka was busy talking to other people.

At one point, the paparazzi asked when Hall would follow him back on Instagram, to which he replied he would do it if Hubatka does.

Hubatka chimed in, saying she will follow the paparazzi, and told Hall to do the same. Hall then asked the paparazzi if he was "trying to steal his girl."

In response, the paparazzi inquired if Hall was confirming they were in a relationship. Hall continued to joke before saying, “you heard it first, the confirmation of our relationship.” 

However, Hubatka did not comment before the two eventually left when their car arrived.