It is common for TikTokers to fall out of love, but that cannot be said about Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio.

The duo has stayed strong and proven they’re in it for the long haul, even though being the biggest TikTok star couple is no easy feat. 

Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck Celebrate first Anniversary

For the past year, the couple has been showing off their love on social media and given fans a reason to believe in true love.

In fact, on September 26, D’Amelio uploaded an Instagram carousel of her and Beck in honor of their first relationship anniversary. 


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In the caption, D’Amelio shared that they had been dating for a year and that it was not clickbait. She then thanked Beck and iterated that she did not think it was possible to love someone that much. 

Beck also uploaded an Instagram carousel and noted in the caption that he was looking forward to many more years with her.

D’Amelio was initially dating former Sway House member Griffin Johnson, but they broke up in July 2020 after rumors of Johnson cheating surfaced.

He was a member of the Sway House with Johnson. In an interview with GQ, he revealed that D’Amelio and Johnson’s relationship did not seem genuine but that he had respected both when they were still a couple. 

After the breakup, Beck and D’Amelio started hanging out and bonded. In honor of their first anniversary, we look at “Doah’s” love journey.

Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck Relationship Timeline


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Following her breakup, D’Amelio began spending more time with Beck, and the two started making TikToks together.

Then, in August, during the first episode of D’Amelio’s YouTube show, her little sister Charli appeared and asked the question everyone was curious about. 

She asked her what she and Beck did when they hung out, which prompted a laugh, but she did not answer the question and instead iterated that he was cool.

On August 22, the duo was spotted having dinner at Saddle Ranch in LA. 

Paparazzi stopped them and told them they made a beautiful couple, to which D’Amelio responded, saying, “couple of besties!” A month later, D’Amelio released the music video for the ‘Be Happy’ remix. 

Beck starred as the singer’s love interest in the video, and the duo even made out. But when the paparazzi stopped Beck and asked him about the kiss, he responded that it was just a kiss and that they did it for the music video.

After months of speculations, Beck finally confirmed that they were dating. In an interview with AwesomenessTV shared exclusively with Seventeen, the TikToker shared that he was excited for the future with her. 


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And as to why they kept their relationship a secret, Beck revealed that they wanted to keep their relationship a secret but failed.

He added that they were hesitant because of how D’Amelio’s relationship had played out with Johnson under the limelight. 

Eventually, the pair confirmed the rumors. 

Since then, they have been the cause of envy and have finally reached a significant milestone in their relationship.