In December 2021, NLE Choppa and his baby mama Marissa Da’Nae announced they were pregnant after posting a video of their gender reveal on their Instagram. 

The couple was dancing along to Choppa’s own song that he had made for the special day. 

They confirmed they were having a baby boy, and in the caption, the ‘Jumpin’ rapper, legally named Bryson Potts, revealed the name of their baby — Seven Da’Shun Potts.

Everything was going smoothly for the couple, and Da’Nae even preached that Choppa was a loving and supportive partner in January. 

Onsite posted a video of Da’Nae, who claimed Choppa was an “amazing person” who taught her how to love herself again. 


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She shared that she had just gotten out of a toxic relationship when she met the rapper, but he “took [her] pain away that he didn’t cause.”

“I love that man and I don’t know how we got here, but I will never question God. I thank God for him. He is an angel to me and my superman,” gushed Da’Nae. 

NLE Choppa and Marissa Da’Nae Confirm Their Miscarriage

Sadly, however, on March 5, the happy couple announced that Da’Nae had a miscarriage with their baby. 

In an Instagram story post announcing the tragedy, the grieving mother talked about how much Choppa helped her cope with the loss. 

She noted that talking about the death was difficult, but the only thing that made it easier for her was the rapper. 

Marrisa Da'Nae and NLE Choppa

Marrisa Da'Nae's photo with NLE Choppa for her miscarriage Instagram post (Source: Marrisa Da'Nae/Instagram)

“With Bryson next to me and being my supporter, this has helped me more. Losing our son is so hard for me. But he has pulled me through, and I’m thankful to have you by my side and with me along this journey,” wrote Da’Nae. 

She continued by saying that many women went through the same thing she did, and by opening up about her miscarriage, she hoped to let them know they were not alone. 

Da’Nae thanked everyone for the kind words and her late son for helping her grow into a better person and push her into being healthier. 

She concluded the post by expressing her love for and appreciation for her kid. 

Following the post, she took to her Instagram story and iterated how she still wanted to be a mother in the future. 

NLE Choppa’s Baby Mama Drama

A month before the miscarriage, Choppa had made headlines after claiming that his baby mama, Mariah, was not letting him meet their daughter. 


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Choppa and Mariah had been feuding, but it escalated after the rapper took to Twitter to shed light on their messy co-parenting situation

According to Choppa, Mariah prevented him from seeing his baby daughter and noted that the narrative of him being a deadbeat father was not true.

“I’m posting to clear my name cause I feel it’s the narrative painted of me that ain’t true and it eats me up inside,” NLE wrote in a tweet. 

He added that he was not tweeting to gain sympathy or attention, but he genuinely wanted to be a part of his daughter’s life. 

But Twitterati was quick to remind him of the consequence Choppa had to deal with after he allegedly shot up Mariah’s home. 

Choppa didn’t deny the shooting but argued that the facts were misconstrued and asked people to come up with the evidence that he had done it. 

He claimed that he had seen his daughter only three times since she was born.