It looks like NLE Choppa will be a father again, and this time with his girlfriend, Marissa Da'Nae, who is pregnant with their child. 

On December 26, the 'Jumpin' rapper took to Instagram to do a gender reveal with his own song that he made for the special occasion.

He and his pregnant girlfriend were wearing matching white sweatsuits and carrying pink and blue darts in their hands. 


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"So, let's just wait until the song plays, then after the song we just gon' throw that hoe," Choppa said to his pregnant girlfriend as they prepared for the big reveal.

When the song went, "what it's gon' be? Blue or pink?" they threw the darts at black balloons that a friend held on the other end of a parking lot. 

When Choppa hit his balloon, it was empty, but when Da'Nae hit hers, blue smoke and glitter erupted, confirming that the couple was having a son.

In the caption, the rapper also shared the name they chose for their kid–Seven Da'Shun Potts. 

NLE Choppa's Girlfriend Marissa Da'Nae

The rumors of their pregnancy had started after Da'Nae posted a video with Choppa during Thanksgiving.

Fans noticed Da'Nae's bump and suspected that she was pregnant. The couple had kept quiet about it until the gender reveal video. 

NLE Choppa and his pregnant girlfriend Marissa Da'Nae

NLE Choppa And His Pregnant Girlfriend Marissa Da'Nae (Source: Marissa Da'Nae's Instagram)

It is unconfirmed how long Choppa and his girlfriend have been dating, but earlier this year in January, Choppa was trying his luck with former Disney child star Skai Jackson.

However, on November 20, Choppa took to Twitter and wrote his girl was "the realest." 

That same month, the rapper had posted photos from his 19th birthday celebration, and most of the pictures featured Da'Nae.

For the unversed, Choppa's girlfriend is equally famous as the rapper, and rightfully so. She is a model, business owner, and TV show star. 

Not only does she endorse different brands, but she is also the CEO of her own brands, including Brazy Collections, which she described as a Brazy but Lavish Boutique and Lavish Extensions, a company selling "Grade A HD Lace Wigs."

But she is best known for her work on the sketch comedy and improv game show Wild 'N Out.

NLE Choppa's Daughter and Baby Mama

Before Choppa and Da'Nae got together, he was with Mariah J. Although the former couple is no longer together, their union resulted in a baby daughter named Clover, who was born on June 20, 2020.

The couple is trying to co-parent amicably, but things weren't always smooth sailing for them.

According to The Shade Room, Choppa wanted Mariah to terminate her pregnancy according to the text messages on her Instagram stories. 

Burt Choppa responded to his baby mama and her antics, saying that there were two sides to the story and that fans should not believe everything so easily.

Even after their daughter was born, the two still had problems.

Choppa took to Twitter to share that he did not know his daughter's name and that Mariah had kept their daughter away from him.

But a few weeks later, he apologized to his baby mama and added that they were trying to co-parent for the sake of their daughter.