Mike Majlak's recent video has taken the Internet by storm as he announced that his friend and the member of Clout Gang, Adin Ross, is quitting the Content House. 

He revealed that the Clout Gang will be dismantled and that the Content House is over. 

The Reason behind Adin Ross Moving Out

Mike Majlak recently announced that his Content House is over as one of the mains, Adin Ross, is leaving. 

He revealed in a video that Ross is going to Tribeca, New York, leaving his friends and the Clout Gang behind.

Ross told his viewers he was leaving for a quieter place as he was experiencing burn-out from working too much. Since people expect a lot from him, he wants to take a break from everything before he comes back stronger. 

The social media star moved from Florida to LA to live in LA Content House earlier in 2021. He told his viewers that as much as he loves everybody in the house, the toxicity around him haunts him at times.

 "There's a lot of snakes in this [expletive] house, bro," he said during a video. 

They indeed did create one of the best moments on the Internet, but Majlak has called it quits for the Content House with his friend Ross moving out.

Mike Majlak on Trisha Paytas' Prediction on Content House

"Trisha Paytas, and Ethan Klein you were right, the Content House didn't work out," Majlak announced in his video "Goodbye Adin Ross. The Night Shift."

Ethan Klien previously made a reaction video on Majlak's announcement, calling it one of the worst decisions in human history.

The Content House consisted of a group of friends who created vlogs and other entertaining videos. As a result, the group gained a lot of attention from the audience.

The group took inspiration from Team 10 by Jake Paul and had followed a similar route to empower influencers with the necessary skills to succeed the Internet game.

In Majlak's words, the house had a group of "like-minded people working towards a greater cause."

"Call it a Clout Gang 2.0," he said during the announcement video. "2017 all over again. We're gonna bring some of the biggest Twitch talent, TikTok talent, into the same house."

Ross was the first member of the Clout Gang 2.0, followed by FaZe Banks. 

The house's name was changed to Content House after Banks called it a "pure cringe." The Content House members were part of controversial events like gambling scams and crypto scams.

It was also reported that Mr.Beast had shown interest in becoming a part of the Clout Gang, but things didn't work out between the YouTube philanthropist and the Clout Gang.

With Adin Ross leaving, it is an end to the Content House until next time.