Earlier in June, Liza Koshy's sexual orientation became the subject of gossip online, after she posted a series of pictures with her personal trainer, Jenna Willis, to wish her a "happy belated birthday." 

In the set of images made available on her social media, Koshy showcased intimacy with Willis, which led many to speculate that Koshy was gay.

Is Liza Koshy Gay?

Apart from her display of affection with her trainer, the caption of the Instagram post which originally read, "i can't wait to see you at the end of the aisle one day... i just have no idea which role you'll play," sparked rumors of her relationship with Willis. 

Koshy's birthday post made her fans and followers second guess her sexuality and assume she was a lesbian who was having an affair with her trainer. The speculation was further fueled after Willis commented on the birthday post saying, "3,6,8, swipes. Drop the mic, cause we did it baby!"

Willis took matters ahead by responding to a fan comment which originally read, "damn girl you are a lucky one." In her response, the personal trainer showed agreement with the commentator and wrote, "agreed."


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However, Koshy edited her caption and attempted to clarify her writing upon noticing a surge of interest regarding her sexuality on the internet.

She later added three asterisks to her already existing caption and wrote about how she wondered whether Willis wanted to become "my officiant? flower girl? usher? or a ridic hot bridesmaid?," and concluded her text by asking her trainer to "check your inbox for a paperless e-vite" to Koshy's "non-existent wedding."

Additionally, a peek into Koshy's Instagram reflects a pattern. In her many photographs, the actress can be seen in similar intimate situations with her friends and co-stars.

Given her habit of maintaining closeness with people in her inner circle and also her public relationship timeline, Koshy is most likely not gay. Add to the fact that she has never made any definitive remark regarding her sexuality either, and we are left to conclude that the speculations are baseless.


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Liza Koshy's Relationship History

Koshy's dating history with internet personality David Dobrik is well-documented. As per J-14, Koshy and Dobrik met on Vine and crossed each other's paths during a regular host meet-up in Los Angeles. 

The role of their mutual friend, Gabbie Hanna, was pivotal, as she acted as the bridge between them. This ultimately led the two to date each other. But unfortunately, their relationship did not last long.

In 2020, Koshy and Dobrik posted a video announcing their break up. In the now-deleted video, the former couple explained their reasons for the split. According to Dobrik, "It wasn't healthy for us to be together, for now." According to Koshy, they "were living separate lives."

On February 20, 2020, Koshy uploaded a video titled "I'M IN RELATIONSHIP-Behind the Scenes with Anthony Ramos" on her official YouTube channel. But, unfortunately, the video's title turned out to be misleading.


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The clip wasn't about her relationship with the singer. Instead, it showcased their rehearsal in a behind-the-scenes montage for the music video of 'Relationship' — the official soundtrack for the 2018 movie, A Star Is Born.

Earlier in 2021, the actress appeared on The Ellen Show and revealed herself to be single. The host, Ellen DeGeneres, asked Koshy if she was dating someone at the time.

In her response, the 25-year-old YouTuber turned actress said that she was on the celebrity dating app, Raya, and was actively looking for "anybody" with whom she could "engage in person" and "get to experience the energy."