You would have to be sleeping under a rock if you have never heard of the superstar K-pop girl group Blackpink.

The four girls, Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo, have delivered hits after hits making Blackpink one of the biggest music acts in the world. After BTS, the girls made their US debut. They were equally loved in the US, and they became the first K-pop girl group to perform at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. 

After finding international success, the girls ventured out to do their solo projects, starting with Jennie, followed by Rose. Currently, it is Lisa Manoban’s turn. 


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She has been making headlines ever since she released the first track titled ‘Lalisa’ inspired by her full name. She brought fans into her hip-hop world and hoped the song showed the strength and confidence that the singer had. 

But the music is not the most significant part of the solo project. The ‘LALISA’ music video showcased the singer’s dancing skills that blew the audiences away. Of course, Lisa is renowned for her dancing skills. In fact, last year, a snapshot from one of her dance medleys inspired a viral Twitter meme.

Lisa Becomes a Meme

Dubbed the “did it work,” it all started when Lisa uploaded a dance performance video on April 20 last year on her YouTube channel. She was dancing to ‘Mushroom Chocolate’ by MQUIN, 6LACK, and flaunting her long legs in a pair of captivating thigh-high boots.

Lisa’s legs inspired a Twitter user @lesbian_tpring to create a meme where he took a snapshot of the songstress’ legs and cropped it out and photoshopped them onto Star Trek‘s Spock’s legs to make them “work.” This prompted Dolly Parton to join in as well. 

The singer attached Lisa’s leg to a cropped throwback photo of herself and asked if it worked. It certainly did because Lisa’s thigh-high boots matched perfectly with Parton’s original outfit. Soon, Twitter users began making their versions of the “did it work” meme by combining her legs with pictures of other pop culture icons, which were hilarious.

From Lionel Richie and Timothée Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name to a shirtless Nicolas Cage, no one was safe from the trend, although they must have enjoyed being part of the viral iterations. 

During her recent interview with Billboard, the Thai singer was asked about her meme fame. She shared it was fun to watch all the creations and thanked her fans, Blinks, for making her a meme sensation. 

Lisa On Learning Complex Dances


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In the same interview, Lisa also talked about how it was like mastering complex dance moves. However, when the interviewer shared that Blackpink’s dances were complicated, the singer seemed to think differently. 

The ‘Lalisa’ singer shared it took her only two to three hours to learn the moves and reasoned that her body moved on its own since she had been dancing for so long. She explained she did not get stressed by the choreography and let the music guide her body. 

She iterated that dancing was how she communicated, which made it easy for her.