Get excited, everyone! The famous British YouTuber KSI will allegedly make his return to the ring sometime in 2022.

Some of the recent statements from YouTuber Austin McBroom and KSI’s manager hint that the YouTuber will be soon seen in the boxing ring.

A deep look at those statements even suggests that he might actually fight Alex Wassabi, who defeated his little bro, Deji, earlier this month. Recently, KSI has also been involved with Wassabi in some online fights.

Hints about KSI’s Return to the Boxing Ring

Speaking about the hints, in a recent Instagram story, McBroom bashed KSI’s manager before hinting that KSI is set to sign a deal to fight Wassabi in August 2022.

“Since KSI’s manager is full of [expletive] going around telling people they offered me a deal and the reason why we’re not fighting is because I was asking for too much,” he wrote.

Austin McBroom hints about the possible 'KSI vs. Alex Wassabi' boxing match in 2022.

He continued to share, "He then spilled the beans, saying, 'If that’s the case, before KSI signs the deal to fight Alex for August, sign the deal with me and I’ll fight for the same deal you’re trying to give to Alex. You won’t do that, though.'"

On the other hand, KSI's manager, who goes by the username @MamsTaylor on Twitter, took to the platform on March 12, 2022, and similarly hinted that KSI will be participating in a boxing event this summer.

"Music is coming. Boxing is coming. Lots of both this year," he wrote in his tweet.

But he didn't stop there. The YouTuber's famed manager again made another tweet on March 15, and the recent tweet apparently seemed like a response to McBroom's claim from his Instagram story a few days ago. 

"Ok on a serious note…Dear [mushroom emoji], I’ve spoken to Gibs mngr, @OP_Talent yesterday and @AnEsonGib is ready to fight you at our event (KSI/Wasserman) this summer," he noted in the tweet.


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He added, "Win the fight and you’ll get one with JJ in the winter. Also…I wouldn’t beat up your [expletive]. He’s a nice man."

Is ‘KSI vs Alex Wassabi’ in the Cards?

KSI's manager's tweets or McBroom’s claims do not fully confirm the dates or the opponent, but they do imply that KSI is likely to fight Wassabi sometime in 2022.

KSI and Alex Wassabi's History

Earlier this month, after Wassabi won a boxing match against KSI's brother, Deji, KSI notably slammed his little brother in a video for his performance. He clearly stated that he was "disappointed" by his brother's boxing skills.

A picture of Deji and Alex Wassabi before the boxing match.

A picture of Deji and Alex Wassabi before the boxing match. (Photo: Instagram)

“Deji, I’m disappointed,” he said. “That’s honestly how I feel, man. I’m sorry if that’s not what you wanna hear, but it’s the truth. I’m not gonna lie to you — I expected more from you.”

After the loss against Wassabi, Deji's career stat reads 0-3, while the older brother has an unscathed 2-0 record.

However, Wassabi came forward to defend Deji, and reportedly slammed KSI for "kicking your little brother when he’s down."

In an episode of The Sync Podcast, he stated that the big brother should have been more decent and supportive of his little brother. He also said KSI should be helping Deji in training and ensure he is ready for another fight.