The Deji vs. Alex Wassabi boxing match finally took place, and Wassabi won the fight against the fellow YouTuber.

Now, the social media influencer's loss has become more interesting since he had previously claimed he would quit boxing if he lost this match.

'Deji vs Alex Wassabi' — The Last Fight?

During a face-to-face conversation with Wassabi on March 2, 2022, before the match, Deji shared his decision to quit boxing if he lost the match against his fellow content creator.

He first admitted that he had lost his previous two matches, which led him to the decision.


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"It took two losses, like you said, you had to lose your last fight to get to where you are now. Are you gonna fight again even if you lose," Wassabi asked, straight-faced, to which Deji answered without hesitation, saying, "No."

"I'm not fighting. If I lose, I am not fighting," he added.

Responding to his answer, the host and Wassabi, who were shocked, asked him what he felt walking into the fight.

Deji — full name Deji Olatunji — responded by stating that it was like "guided pressure," as it was pushing him to work hard to win the game at any cost. 

"And ultimately like, if I was to lose, then clearly this sport isn't for me because that's I'll be 0-3," he chimed in at the end.

Deji Hints He Will Fight Again after the Match

Now that Deji had strongly remarked he would quit after the loss and eventually lost, many fans were curious to know if he would actually do what he stated earlier.

To everyone's surprise, the YouTuber and pro boxer hinted that he would fight again even though he lost the match and has a record of 0-3 against him.

A picture of Deji and Alex Wassabi before the main event boxing match.

A picture of Deji and Alex Wassabi before the boxing match. (Photo: Instagram)

He presumably changed his decision in the eleventh hour after witnessing overwhelming support for him from his fans during the match. More so, he was in the winning position until the end; therefore, his competitor also praised him after the match.

“This guy’s tough, he has heart. I love him,” Wassabi said, referring to Deji after the game. “I didn’t realize how tough it was gonna be. I didn’t hear one cheer for me in this whole crowd, but I knew what I was capable of.”

As per Daily Star, Deji later admitted that he wanted to get back, continue his boxing career, and even agreed to a rematch with Wassabi.

He also nodded his head in response when his fans told him to fight again while he was leaving the place.

‘Deji vs. Alex Wassabi’ Boxing Match Details

The main event between Deji and Wassabi had a slow start, consisting of a few traded blows during the first three rounds. But the match became interesting when an audience member jumped into the ring to advertise his TikTok.

However, the final two rounds were explosive, with both fighters landing some of the match’s most critical hits. In that process, Wassabi was able to capitalize on an exhausted Deji’s late-game composure.

Wassabi, an actor and YouTuber, was named the winner by split decision, further tarnishing Deji’s record.