Austin McBroom, a former basketball player, turned TikTok and a YouTube star, will be fighting AnEsonGib.

McBroom claims that Gib's opportunity to combat him is because of KSI's procrastination to come back into the boxing ring. 

The Feud: Austin McBroom vs Gib

AnEsonGib announced he wants to fight McBroom in a match in a recent video. 

Social Gloves is the company McBroom is closely associated with that organizes the boxing event called Battle of the Platforms.

The event incorporated famous YouTubers and TikTokers and made them fight against one another. It crashes headlines because of the controversies and dramatic series created by the players. 

In a Twitter video, AnEsonGib revealed he would return to take down McBroom. Gib stated Social Gloves snatched his win during his bout with Tayler Holder.  

AnEsonGib had once fought against Jake Paul in Florida and lost.

Therefore, the match with Tayler Holder was supposed to be his redemption in Miami. 


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Gib holds grudges against McBroom for the fight night with Holder, and he wants to make it even in the boxing ring. 

McBroom has been facing multiple lawsuits and allegations regarding the Battle of the Platforms this year.

Gib's Challenges Austin McBroom

On December 19, Gib shared a Twitter video where he called out McBroom to fight him. 

He said that McBroom took too much time deciding the locations, dates, and venues. 

Gib told his fans to ask Austin about the announcement regarding the clash. He stated that the fight was going to be all about revenge. 

On December 27, McBroom replied to the statements above with a story. McBroom shared a story where he openly challenged Gib to come to fight him. 

The YouTube star claims that KSI's hiatus from boxing makes him want to wrangle Gib. He told his fans that 2022 would be his year to defeat KSI and AnEsonGib.

He also said he had been patiently working on something big in collaboration with new members and a new team. 

AnEsonGib Felt Robbed

Battle of the Platforms saw a majority draw finish in the co-main event between Gib and Tayler Holder, causing a massive uproar.

After the results, the hashtag "ROBBED" was trending on Twitter, with many believing Gib to be the definite winner.

It has been months since the brawl, but Gib is still upset over the judgment, as he was expecting people to acknowledge his dedication towards the sports. 

AnEsonGib punching Tayler Holder (Source: Gib's Instagram)

Austin McBroom and Social Gloves

Social Gloves started the event, which starred major YouTube and TikTokers for a face-off. The company has been the subject of multiple lawsuits failing to compensate the investors and fighters. 

The NBA star James Harden is the major investor in the company who has asked McBroom to recoup his investment. LiveXLive, the streaming partner of the company, has sued McBroom for breach of contract, fraud, and other charges for $100 million. 

The dispute regarding the ownership of the company was a major concern. LiveXLive's CEO Robert Ellin explained McBroom owns the company.

Ellin said that he trusted McBroom was to generate revenue and make all the payments.

But according to McBroom, the revenue generation was not enough to pay the fighters and investors.

According to the players, they were promised to have paychecks amounting to millions of dollars.

While the YouTubers are not uttering a word about the payment, the TikTokers claim to have not earned a single penny. 

Nate Watt and Tayler Holder have filed lawsuits against Social Gloves.