On May 4, 2022, British YouTube star JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji announced he was making his highly anticipated return to boxing. 

He shared he would make his return on August 27 against an unnamed opponent in a social media video with the caption: “I’m back.”

Most fans suspected his opponent might be Jake Paul, considering how much the duo had trash-talked to each other in the past. 

According to The Sun, during KSI’s recent music tour, the celebrity fighter clarified his intentions on the undefeated Paul.

“It’s so funny, so many [expletive] think, ‘He ain’t going to box again, he’ll stick with the music and to be honest, I probably could have. But I was like Nah man, I need to [expletive] Jake Paul up. So you best believe it’s coming,” said KSI. 

KSI announces his return to boxing on Twitter

KSI announces his return to boxing on Twitter. (Source: KSI/Twitter)

The outlet also reported that the YouTuber showed off his physique on stage while performing shirtless. He had gotten fitter and looked like he was ready to step in the ring after gaining weight after his last fight.

KSI’s Previous Boxing Wins

KSI made his debut in the ring in February 2018 in a white-collar bout against online rival Joe Weller winning with a third-round TKO.

His second bout later that year was a white-collar draw with Logan Paul, which went the six-round distance.

One judge scored the fight 58-57 for KSI, while the other two called it 57-57 to make it a majority draw. 

There was still a lot of animosity between the two, and their rematch was set up on November 9, 2019, which took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. 


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The pair agreed to step into the professional ranks when they met again in their rematch. 

It again went the six-round distance. But in the end, KSI was named the winner after Logan suffered a two-point deduction for hitting KSI in the back of the head in the fourth round.

The three judges scored 56-55, 57-54, and 55-56 in favor of KSI.

Since his win, he has not boxed, although he was lined up to fight his brother Jake. 

Jake Paul Says It Might Be Alex Wassabi and KSI

Although KSI did not mention who his opponent might be, Jake told The Mirror it might be Alex Wassabi even though fans suspect it is him. 

Jake is said to be stepping in to help with negotiations for the event.


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The British YouTuber and Wassabi have been rivals for the longest time, but things heated up after the American YouTuber defeated his younger brother Deji Olatunji in March 2022 in his boxing debut.

“We’re shooting for that KSI fight in August. I think it could easily happen. It’s just from KSI’s side of him actually getting in the boxing ring. He keeps on talking about it and he’s been talking about it for what seems like years now,” Jake told The Mirror. 

Jake noted KSI’s ego could probably not handle the loss if he put down the microphone and pick up the boxing gloves.

And the undefeated YouTuber turned boxer opined KSI is looking to make bank from boxing as his rap career was declining.

He explained KSI paid every person in the rap game to do a feature for him, but now that he was out of features, the numbers were going down. 

Jake added his monthly listeners on Spotify were slowly declining and no one was talking about his music anymore.