On Monday, January 17, 2022, The Sun reported that fans could witness the 'Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul' boxing match later this year.

The tabloid claimed that the former professional boxer was in advanced talks with Paul, a YouTuber, and fighter, about a big-money exhibition fight in Las Vegas.

"A fight with Jake's brother Logan had long been rumored for Tyson, but it appears the boxing legend would prefer to face his sibling instead," the publication further wrote.

Mike Tyson Denies ‘Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul’ News

It turns out the news about the exhibition fight between the legendary boxer and Paul was just another false news.

The Sun reported false news about 'Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul' fight.

The Sun reported false news about 'Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul' fight. (Photo: Twitter)

And the first person to clarify it was no other than Tyson himself. The retired boxer took to Twitter to express that he had no idea about the said fight.

"This is new to me. I saw Jake in St. Barths and he never mentioned it," he tweeted on January 18.

He stated that while replying to a tweet by The Sun, where the tabloid had reported the false news with a link to their story.

The tweet's caption read, "Mike Tyson in advanced talks with Jake Paul about £36m fight after verbally agreeing on deal despite 30-YEAR age gap."

In the wake of the situation, Jo Mignano, a representative for Tyson, also spoke with Forbes to claim that the reports of the fight between Tyson and Paul were "totally false."

According to him, the 55-year-old heavyweight "thinks the Paul brothers are great but isn’t nor will he fight either one of them."


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Besides, Tyson and Paul are not unfamiliar with each other, too.

In fact, the YouTuber reportedly became a boxing star on the undercard of Tyson's fight when the heavyweight champion stepped in and fought Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020.

Fans Reactions after the Fight Clarification

Since Tyson denied the 'Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul' boxing match, many fans bashed the news tabloid for spreading fake news.

"Not like The Sun to just make stuff up," one wrote.

Another added, "It is The Sun, a British paper not exactly known for printing the truth. Always worth fact-checking anything they publish."

Meanwhile, some fans, who were excited about the match, became disappointed, too, as they won't be witnessing the legend fight with the rising boxer on the date provided by The Sun.

"Bad side of me wants to see @MikeTyson land his signature uppercut right on Jake Paul’s mug, but Mike, don’t waste your time with this nonsense (unless you really get paid $50 Million for the fight)," a user tweeted.

The Sun Claimed Mike Tyson and Jake Paul Had a ‘Verbal Deal’

In their original report, The Sun had interestingly claimed further details, which eventually turned out to be false.


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For instance, according to the publication's Vegas source, the fight was on "if all goes to plan." The source further said that the two boxers were on board for an exhibition fight in Las Vegas.

Not just that, it was also stated that there was a verbal deal between Tyson and Paul, "but like all forms of sports business, now it's all about the contracts and money split."

But again, the news was nothing but all fake.