"There is nothing more fluid and purer than Mike Tyson himself," designer Fausto Puglisi said while introducing his first menswear collection to GQ in a recent interview. 

According to the designer, many names come and go in the industry. But if one were to search for a name that was immortal in public memory and one that resonates with every demographic, they would eventually land on Mike Tyson


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Tyson's Sense of Style

Tyson joined the virtual interview with the Italian designer, and in it, he explained to the outlet what made him feel powerful. He discussed his sense of style in detail. 

The legendary boxer revealed his dressing sense was primarily based on comfort. He gravitated towards simple, see-through clothes made out of thin materials. It is also a must that his clothes are form-fitting. He added,

You just look good in ‘em. Whatever you do in the clothes, you look good. That’s basically my style of clothes: they’re form-fitting!

While those clothes might look tight to the untrained eye, Tyson argued that one could fit a person weighing as much as three hundred pounds into the clothes that he donned because they were so stretchy. 


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Tyson on What Made Him Feel Powerful

Going by Tyson's explanation, the outlet rightly asked if Puglisi's designs were a suitable match for him, given that the ensemble was tight whilst still retained a fluid attitude. 

Tyson, who posed alongside pigeons for the new collection, resolutely replied that the collection was not just tight and fluid, but it was also resounding and powerful. 

"It's real threatening," he said. He also explained that the clothes he had on influenced how he was feeling. For instance, the retired fighter admitted wearing the color pink made him feel powerful. 

According to Tyson, when he wore pink, he was very serious. So much so that people might want to reconsider talking to him. He even admitted that pink accentuated a feeling of aggression. 

I almost want to fight in those clothes. Those clothes make me want to fight a little.


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Tyson Had Fun Shooting For the Label

It is apparent that Tyson is someone who takes fashion seriously. However, he admitted he was not a healthy shopper. He would spend ridiculous amounts of money on items of clothing but never actually put them on. 

One fashion trend that got to him was glass shirts. The 55-year-old apparently had a slew of glass shirts with glass beads accessorizing them and a price tag of anywhere between $50,000 to $70,000 They, too, made him feel masculine and powerful. 

As for the experience of making the film to promote the Italian designer's latest collection, Tyson confessed to having a good time, partly because he got to play with his lascivious side. "Grabbing my crotch and all that stuff," he recalled. 

Puglisi was just as happy with how the shoot turned out. As far as he was concerned, he did not want Tyson to act and try to be someone he was not. Instead, the designer wanted Tyson to be the champion that he was.