Recently on April 3, entrepreneur Michael Gruen tweeted that he was no longer working with social media star Josh Richards

After four years of working together, Gruen was incredibly proud of what he and Richards had built and could not wait to see where Richards would take the businesses they started. 

For the unversed, Gruen and Richards are the co-founders of Talent X Entertainment, which Forbes described as "a talent development company for digital creators."

The company represents some of the biggest content creators, including Richards and Sway House friends Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, Noah Beck, Blake Gray, and more.

According to Forbes, Gruen has helped Richards accumulate several businesses, such as a VC fund (Animal Capital), beverages (Ani Energy drinks), and a film production company (Crosscheck Studios). 

"The memories made these last 4-years will be held close to my heart forever. Thank you, Josh Richards, for the ride of a lifetime. My next adventure will be announced shortly," tweeted the entrepreneur. 

Josh Richards Addresses Michael Gruen's Departure on 'BFFs'

Many of their fans wished them good luck, but some wondered if they were having problems. 

On user tweeted that they had just been thinking about how they didn't hang out anymore, insinuating they were not friends.

But Gruen clarified it was because he was moving to New York and shared that they still talked all the time on FaceTime

Richards also talked about their friendship and the reason for Gruen's departure on BFFs podcast episode 77. 

The TikToker explained that they had ended their business partnership amicably and talked about the entrepreneur's surgery. 

Josh Richards

Josh Richards talking about Michael Gruen on 'BFFs.' (Source: BFFs/YouTube)

He said Gruen had been MIA because he was getting ready for the surgery and healing afterward. 

A few months back, Gruen had tweeted that he had gotten a gastric sleeve surgery on November 9 and said he weighed 335 pounds. 

But since the surgery, he was down 66 pounds to 269 pounds. 

On the podcast, Richards shared that the surgery took a toll on Gruen physically and affected his mental health. 

After that, he stepped back from their businesses and has been with his family in New York. The TikToker then iterated he had nothing but love for his friend. 

Michael Gruen Defends Josh Richards

It seems like Gruen and Richards are still good friends based on their comments about each other, even though they are no longer business partners. 

Their friendship seems to run deep as Gruen proved to be loyal to Richards many times in the past, especially during the Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler fiasco. 

Last year in April, Richards was left heartbroken after his former girlfriend and best friend got in a relationship. 

Gruen was not directly involved in the matter, but he inserted himself in the drama to defend Richards.

"When someone tells you they need to breakup with you to focus on their mental health and then the next day they're in your best friend's bed, they're losers," tweeted the entrepreneur.

He even encouraged netizens to unfollow Hossler and Barrett and criticized people who stayed neutral.

Their mutual friend, Kio Cyr, had tweeted that he was neutral in the drama, but Gruen was not having it and said he needed to be an adult and defend his friends. 

Gruen's tweets made it clear that he had serious problems with Hossler and Barrett and would always have Richards back.