Summer is truly upon Florida!

The Island Boys have garnered public attention for many things. Their feud involving Jake Paul, podcast walkout involving Logan Paul and his gang, Bryce Hall, and a few other people, and not to mention their music, have made headlines for a long time.

But, none of those is as unique a thing to recognize them from as their hairstyle is, or rather, was. The Florida natives have gotten a new haircut, getting rid of their signature hairstyles.

And the reactions have been mixed, to say the least.

Island Boys Have a New Hairstyle

Kodiyakredd, one of the island boys, took to TikTok on April 15, 2022, to reveal their new haircuts. He posted a video where they were at a barbershop, getting their signature locks chopped off.

The video began with the barber chopping off one of the brothers' blonde hair. Then the video cut to reveal the boys' new haircut, which looked like a tapered skin fade.

Then, they got a hair wash and further adjustments until the desired result came about — a skin fade buzz cut.

After all the trimming and styling, Island Boys have a clean buzz cut with their natural hair color — black.

The brothers have uploaded numerous videos since this one, responding to fan comments and discussing their plans with the new look.

Island Boys have gotten a new haircut, letting go of their unique signature hairstyle.

Island Boys have gotten a new haircut, letting go of their unique signature hairstyle. (Photo: Kodiyakredd/Instagram)

Some comments are positive, with people praising the new looks and the change. However, some are ridiculing the brothers' decision to change their appearance so drastically.

Island Boys Made Fun of for Their New Haircut

Island Boys' hairstyles were always polarizing. Some loved it, while others absolutely hated it.

All these reactions have been showing up on the brothers' recent TikTok posts since they revealed their new looks. And they have responded to a fair few over the past few days.

"Way better" are the two words many have reacted with following the haircuts. They made it clear that the boys look much better with the wicks gone.

"FINALLY! no more crunchy," one user said in one post. "It’s about time! Actually looks a lot better," said another.

"I’m here for this," chimed in a third as another user just wrote, "Cuuuuuuuttteee."

But the negative and troll comments got all the attention. Somebody called the brothers "The Coconut Boys," and they couldn't help but respond to that. They freestyled their response and defended their haircut, saying they looked "so good."

A faction also joked Lalo, a fellow Florida creator, bullied them into cutting their "French frys" hair.

As for their plans, the brothers are planning to grow curls, something the fans, too, want.

Responding to someone's comment about their hair being perfect for getting waves, they said they first wanted to get curly hair. They agreed that it was a good idea, and they had gone down the wavy hair route before.

After that, though, they did not know what style choices they would make.

"Trust the process" was their main catchphrase with these changes. They wanted all their fans to wait and see their style evolution over the coming months.