If you were tuning into Jake Paul's fight over the weekend, you would have caught sight of the Island Boys. 

But who are they? Why are they being mocked for merely showing up at the event?

What Happened during the Jake Paul Fight?

While the audience's focus was on Jake Paul, the fight event took a turn to make some interesting headlines.

Jake Paul and Logan Paul

Jake Paul and Logan Paul during the fight. (Photo: Instagram)

The focus shifted from the match to the Island Boys when they appeared at Jake Paul's boxing match on the recent weekend.

The boys were not so welcomed by the audience at Tampa's Amalie Arena after the audience recognized their bleach-blond spiky faux locks, which made them stand out amongst all.

As they walked towards their ringside seats, the booing and dissing poured. Soon after, the audience was seen throwing several objects their way, including one full beer. 

Since the twins dropped their poolside freestyle back in October, the hate they've received is immense.

The video was an instant hit, not because it was good but because people hated it.

The hate must be real, as we know how expensive those beers at the stadium can cost.

It looked as if the haters were looking for a chance like this.

Who are the Island Boys?

Franky Venegas, known by Kodiyakredd, and Alex Venegas, known as Flyysoulja, are 20-year-old twins from Florida. The twins claim to have lived a gangsta life, but people are skeptical about it.

But what was the video that made them talk of TikTok?

They posted a video recording themselves by the pool singing Island Boys, which became viral.

In short, the twin brothers delivered their freestyle rap song that went viral for a terrible rap. 

Kodiyakredd has been in the music biz for almost a year and cooperated on other songs with varied success rates, but the song Island Boy steered him and his brother to popularity.

They released an official music video of that song just weeks back, and the users on TikTok think the twins are trying too hard.

Logan Paul and His Podcast 

Since they first posted their freestyle rap video, the Florida twins have had to deal with the haters. 

A week ago, the twins once again hit the headlines after walking out of Logan Paul's Impaulsive

They were supposed to be discussing the viral fame of the Floridian twins and address the recent news about the audience booing them.

While Logan Paul was sarcastically passing comments on them, George, one interviewer, said they could sell all their jewelry pieces and invest in something if the music thing didn't go their way. 

They got pissed at this, and they walked out of the Logan Paul podcast. 

The Twins on Haters

After the heated clash with people in the audience at Jake Paul's fight night, the twins have difficulty understanding why bashers are coming at them so fiercely. 

The boys say they were just there to watch the fight and did not intend to pick fights for clout.

The viral TikTokers explained that many kids watch their TikTok videos, and they don't want to create any negative impact by getting into fights. 

The twins believe that not everybody hates them, and only the ones who had problems created the fuss.