The long-running feud between Fat Joe, real name Joseph Antonio Cartegena, and Felix Delgado, professionally known as Cuban Link, is never-ending.

More so after, Link took to Instagram to accuse Joe of snitching through multiple posts on August 25, 2021. 

In his first post, the 46-year-old shared a news broadcast of the veteran radio personality Star from his YouTube show The Star Report.

Star claimed to receive paperwork that proved Joe snitched on his gang members back when he was hustling in the Bronx. He admitted the paperwork was yet to be verified by experts, but stated Joe's government name was in all the papers. 

"Fat joe exposed on snitching charges," Link captioned the post before mentioning people might finally understand why he could never get along with Joe.

The Cuban rapper also praised Star for reporting "the truth" and shared he would sit back, watching the "pale beluga whale get brought in to shore by the rest of the fisherman!"


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Just after the shocking allegations, Link posted a clear picture of the resurfaced document. 

The report detailed Joe's admission of selling drugs on Union Avenue in The Bronx. According to the details, he told police that Marqueo Stroud killed another man named Truth as a favor for a local street crew. 

And that was not all. Joe exposed Fat Chino (Arnold Rodriguez) and Shorty's (Jose Serrano) conspiracy to kill Raze, a leader of another gang. He also reportedly revealed the name of everyone involved with the murder case.

Joe is yet to respond to the allegations. But given that he had criticized Tekashi 6ix9ine for being a rat back in 2019, the report is causing quite an uproar.

6ix9ine had stood against his former Nine Trey Bloods gang members and testified against them for a reduced jail sentence. 

Talking about 6ix9ine's decision, Joe told Uproxx in October 2019 that the "worst thing you could do in the history of mankind is be a rat." He even added, "You gotta understand, when you tell you destroy families."

Fat Joe and Cuban Link's Beef

Joe and Link were once co-members of the famous group Terror Squad.

But after the death of their co-member Big Pun, the band disintegrated with personal and professional issues, mostly apparent between Joe and Link.


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And their beef only expanded over the years, with timely criticisms and backlashes.

Just in April 2021, Link called Joe out for missing Pun's street naming ceremony. Joe had publicly announced he wasn't attending the ceremony because of his issues with other attendees. 

Link quickly responded to the announcement, alleging that the street naming event would have happened sooner if Joe had used his connection with politicians. 

He also implied that Joe had done nothing for Pun, despite admitting to loving his former member.