Ryan Taylor vs DK Money was a boxing match that created headlines for all the wrong reasons. Taylor got himself disqualified after an illegal maneuver in his debut game.

It was a grudge fight, and things got out of control after Taylor illegally headbutted DK in the first round.

Now, DK is about to take the legal route to make Taylor pay for his lack of sportsmanship.

DK Money to File a Lawsuit against Ryan Taylor

On March 17, 2022, Keemstar broke the news about DK's intentions to take legal action against Taylor. He confirmed the news via Twitter.

He wrote, "Just got off the phone with DK money. He is filing a lawsuit against Ryan Taylor for the Illegal head butt."

The tweet came as a retweet for his older video — a clip that showed Taylor headbutting DK. DK immediately went to the floor after the clash.

At the end of the tweet, Keemstar also mentioned that DK could also "possibly" sue Showstar, the organizer of their bout.

People understood why Taylor would be sued, but not everyone got why Showstar was being dragged into the mess.

After everyone asked why DK would sue Showstar, Keemstar revealed the apparent reasons that could be the case.

"Ryan Taylor had no boxing training , made threats of violence outside of boxing," the YouTuber wrote in another tweet.

Further, he also mentioned Taylor had "physically attacked" DK's training staff before the event.

Showstar comes into this because even after Taylor's poor actions and lack of judgment, they still allowed him to fight against DK.

"DK Money has a case," Keemstar said, concluding the tweet.

Twitter Reactions to DK Money's Lawsuit News

Immediately after Keemstar broke the news, people started chiming in with their two cents on the matter in the Twitter replies. There were a few different discussions.

One of the replies was about DK's health. The person wrote they had seen an Instagram story where DK said he had a concussion and still had headaches and dizziness.

DK Money is planning to file a lawsuit against Ryan Taylor and Showstar for an illegal headbutt case during their boxing match.

DK Money plans to file a lawsuit against Ryan Taylor and Showstar for an illegal headbutt during their boxing match. (Photo: Instagram)

Another Twitter user argued whether the headbutt could be seen as an act that could be foreseen in a fight.

The person brought up the Evander Holyfield versus Mike Tyson incident where Tyson bit Holyfield's ear off. Holyfield did not sue Tyson for the act.

Using this incident, they argued a headbutt could also be seen as a foreseen act.

In response, someone else said that an act could not be foreseen if it was against the rules. Headbutts are illegal in boxing.

Another person mentioned that this might be the end of Taylor's boxing career. He cited his multiple lawsuits as a reason for speculating on this.

After the fight, DK took to Instagram to post some celebratory words on March 5. He promised he would be back in "better shape."

DK and Taylor's fight was set up as the undercard of Deji's fight against Alex Wassabi. That match ended with a Wassabi win and speculations about Deji potentially quitting boxing.