Celebrity lookalikes have always amazed netizens, and it seems like the count of celebrity doppelgangers is only expanding.

Just days after Brendan Cobbina went viral for looking like John Cena, a new woman went trending on Twitter for sharing an uncanny resemblance to the famous Cardi B. 

It all started when a licensed cosmetologist, Claude Lande, shared a video on her Instagram, exhibiting a wig implantation on her client, on August 12, 2021. 

While the hair work was visibly impressive, the art wasn't what caught everyone's eyes.

It was her client, referring to whom Lande captioned the video, "My client is @iamcardib twin lol." She added Cardi B's single 'Up (Instrumental)' for the background music.

The beautician also shared the clip on her TikTok the same day, and within hours, the post started making rounds on the internet, and expectedly so. 

The woman bore a striking resemblance to the rapper. She looked like Cardi B without her makeup, with a similar face shape, complexion, nose, eyes, and lips. 

Fans React to Cardi C

As soon as the post made its way on the Internet, fans from all over the world couldn't hold back their shock. Some commented on the original video on Instagram and TikTok, while others shared the snaps from the clip on Twitter and had their say. 

A particular Twitter user posted a screenshot, expressing how she had never seen someone share such a resemblance to another person without being related. "So Wait… You Telling Me This Not Cardi B???" commented one person in the post. 

Making the situation hilarious, some fans dubbed the woman 'Cardi C,' and others suggested she was Cardi B's sister. One individual commented, "this gotta be your sister, Tequila."

Speculation that the lookalike could be the musical sensation's long-lost twin was plenty. A Twitter user mentioned Cardi B and wrote, "ya mama gave ya twin up at birth?! EXPLAIN!"

While the doppelganger's identity remains under wraps, this is not the first time fans have been introduced to Cardi B lookalike. 

Multiple women had drawn comparisons to Cardi B in the past, prompting the famous rapper to respond to the lookalike memes. 

Cardi B's Past Response

In 2017, the mayor of Mound City, Illinois, Allison Madison, went viral for looking like Cardi B in her 50s. After Madison's video made it to the internet, fans from all over the world pointed how she resembled the 28-year-old. 


A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib)

The New York native responded to the Twitter frenzy during an interview for The Breakfast Club podcast.

When the interviewer asked if she knew about the lookalike memes, Cardi B said she didn't, though her body language seemed to suggest that she did. She also bluntly denied being related to the mayor. 

Apparently, Cardi B didn't enjoy being compared to Madison. She did, however, enjoy people saying she looked like Edna Mode from The Incredibles.