Billboard Hot 100 for the week of April 30, 2022, saw minor changes in terms of song positions, especially in the top five positions. This week, the top five places have just been a reshuffle from the last week, with the number one song dropping to number two and vice versa.

If you knew last week's positioning, you know this week's as well. And if you were a happy Harry Styles fan last week, chances are, you are thrilled this week.

Billboard Hot 100 week of April 30, 2022 top five rankings.

Billboard Hot 100 weekly top five rankings for April 30, 2022. (Photo: Billboard/Instagram)

5. Enemy

Artist: Imagine Dragons, JID

Album: Mercury — Act 1

Weeks on Chart: 22 weeks

Imagine Dragons and JID's collaboration, 'Enemy,' is this weeks's fifth place holder. This is the song's peak position and has been so throughout its time on the charts.

The song, which was recorded as the theme song for the Netflix animated series Arcane, got its inspiration from League of Legends.

This tune got JID his first-ever top 10 position on Billboard Hot 100. It has over 623 million streams on Spotify as of this writing.

4. Big Energy

Artist: Latto

Album: 777

Weeks on Chart: 26 weeks

Latto's 'Big Energy' started with a decent 15th position on Billboard Hot 100 when it first came out on September 24, 2021. But, after the remix's release (with Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled), it gained some more energy and jumped to the top 10 positions.

The song was in the fourth position the week prior, and it remains the same for the last week of April. It has spent a good 26 weeks on the chart and reached the third position at its peak.

As of this writing, the original song has over 85 million streams, and the remix with DJ Khaled has over 13 million plays on the platform.

3. Heat Waves

Artist: Glass Animals

Album: Dreamland

Weeks on Chart: 66 weeks

English band Glass Animals' 'Heat Waves' is the most successful tune among the top five songs in the end-of-April rankings, at least in terms of Hot 100 stay. The song was first released on June 19, 2020, and is the most successful single for the band.

'Heat Waves' maintains its last week's position at third, which is a downgrade as it peaked on the Billboard charts in March 2022, setting the record for the longest a song has taken to reach the pole position on the Hot 100.

With over 1.5 billion streams on Spotify as of now, the song dwarfs any of the band's other songs listens on the platform.

2. First Class

Artist: Jack Harlow

Album: Come Home the Kids Miss You

Weeks on Chart: 2 weeks

Jack Harlow's 'First Class' was set to be a banger right from the beginning, even before its official release. After he posted a bit of the song on TikTok, the song went viral on the platform, contributing to the success that followed.

Upon its release on April 8, 2022, the song debuted at number one on the Hot 100 in US and many other charts around the world. However, for the end of April, it dropped one position to end the month at a respectable second place.

The tune also got the award for 'Biggest gain in airplay' for the week and had significant gains in performance despite the drop in ranking.

The song has over 137 million and rising streams on Spotify as of this piece.

1. As It Was

Artist: Harry Styles

Album: Harry's House

Weeks on Chart: 3 weeks

Harry Styles knows how to make a hit, and 'As It Was' is a hit in every sense of the word. From critical reception to the reception by the fans who adore him for everything he does, the song is already a massive success just three weeks after its release.

The song occupied the second position the previous week but rose to pole position this week.

It was released on April 1, 2022, and immediately set a few records. It became the first track in 2022 to debut at number one on the Hot 100. Further, it also set records for being the most streamed track within 24 hours by a male artist and for being Apple Music's most first-day stream for 2022.

Further, it also broke Olivia Rodrigo's 'Driver License' record for being the most streamed song in one day ever on Spotify. It has over 321 million streams on the platform right now.