Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is well known for its fashion and musical performances by various artists. Alongside this, there are always some chaotic moments during this festival.

This time, Harry Styles made headlines for all of these categories. With his quirky and loud outfits and amazing vocals, he wowed his audience with his performance.

Similarly, he brought his friend Lizzo on the stage as a surprise guest. Among all these, Styles' Gucci ring made news after the singer lost it during his performance.

His fans found the jewelry and now are trying to reunite the singer with his accessory.

Harry Styles' Lost Ring

Styles lost his iconic Gucci lion ring on the second weekend at Coachella. The fans captured the moment he lost it and then shared it on Twitter.

The slowed-down video showed the 'Sign of the Times' singer throwing a water bottle on the stage when his accessory flew off his finger. It flew towards the audience and got lost in the crowd.

The video quickly went viral, and now, the fans are trying to reunite the Gucci jewelry with its owner. Many of Styles' fans urged whoever found the ring to give it back to the singer.

They took to Twitter to voice their opinion and presumed that Styles was sad over his missing accessory. Similarly, many noted that it was precious to the former One Direction member since he had it engraved.

Styles' name and "second time is a charm" are allegedly engraved on the missing jewelry. Some fans even offered to get the singer a new one by pitching in with some of their friends.

All in all, most of the fans and followers wanted the ring to be found and handed back to the singer.

Deux Moi to The Rescue

Soon after the news of Styles' lost accessory went viral, it was reported that someone found it in the audience.

Deux Moi, online celebrity news and gossip account, took to Instagram stories to announce that the jewelry had been found.

They shared an anonymous submission they got which claimed that the person who had the Gucci accessory wanted to give it back to the 'As It Was' singer.

Deux Moi story about Harry Styles' lost ring at Coachella, which allegedly was found by a fan

Deux Moi story about Harry Styles' lost ring at Coachella, which allegedly was found by a fan. (Source: Instagram)

The anonymous person shared that @hrrystylesjr on Twitter knew who had it.

Deux Moi then posted another story that said, "If you are the actual person who has Harry's ring can you please DM me to help facilitate the return?"

Since then, it has been unknown if the person who has the accessory has reached out to Deux Moi or not. Similarly, they have not given any updates regarding the missing piece of jewelry.

Styles has also not said anything regarding his Gucci lion ring at the time of writing.