While fame is something almost every person in the world craves for, there are some terrifying aspects to this goal. For famous BBC Radio Ulster presenter, Stephen Nolan, there were quite a few: a rabid fan claiming to be his partner and gay rumors that could have caused him problems with Northern Ireland's unwritten law against homosexuality.

The British national is a Northern Irish television and radio presenter, who hosts BBC Northern Ireland’s shows like Nolan Live, Story of a Lifetime, Fair Play, etc. in television and Ulster’s very popular The Stephen Nolan Show in radio.

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Although sharing his last name with world’s favorite filmmaker, Christopher Nolan, Stephen bears no relation to the director.

Stephen Nolan's Bio (Age)

Stephen Nolan was born in Shankill Road Area of Belfast, Northern Ireland on 20 August 1973 to an Irish Protestant family.

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Stephen, aged 45, studied in Royal Belfast Academical Institution and Queen’s University Belfast, from where he graduated with a degree in business and French. But neither business nor French was able to attract his fancy, radio communication did.

Stephen Nolan's Career: Graced With Awards And Huge Net Worth

Stephen was so prodigious with his voice early on his career that immediately after his graduation, and within a short time of working on Belfast CityBeat Station, Stephen was awarded the Sony Radio Academy Award.

The award bolstered his career as it attracted the attention of different media giants, like BBC, as well as putting a significant amount on his initial net worth.

After the award, BBC stole Stephen from CityBeat Station, provided him with fame, huge salary and his own show The Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Ulster Radio.

Love For California Collides With His Love For Mother

It is rather curious that for a person who seems to love his shows, he does flaunt his love for taking time away from work. With his huge salary from BBC, he frequently visits California, a place he has a rather addictive fascination with.

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He almost wished to move to California, but his love for his mother didn’t allow him to do so. Stephen shares a very firm bond with his mother, Audrey, so much so that they are on their first name basis. When asked about the prospect of moving to California permanently, while talking to Belfast Telegraph, he said,

Not while my mum is still alive. Audrey is very important to me and I know how important I am to her.

While it is still unknown whether Stephen is married, or has a partner, the fact that he regards his mother to be his reason for staying in Nothern Ireland is precious.

Crazy Stalker Claims To Be His Partner

Fame is not always rainbows and unicorns, Stephen did have a rough time recently due to his fame. A crazy fan of Stephen’s show from Scotland used to repeatedly call the BBC and Stephen to tell them that she was Stephen’s girlfriend and partner.

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She even flew to Belfast to meet him in person. That was when Stephen actually got scared and asked for security from the police.

Gay Rumor Gives Stephen Nolan Scare

Crazy partner-wannabes aren't the only cons of fame for Stephen.

Earlier this year a photo of Stephen in his white boxer pants and kneeling in front of another guy went viral in social media. With Northern Ireland’s anti-homosexuality culture, the photo must have scared the hell out of Stephen.

In his defense, Stephen said that the viral photo was from a skit of his show taken some 18 months before. But a social media user used that photo to insinuate that he was involved in gay sexual acts the country’s establishment, a fact he ardently opposed. He even went as far as to threaten to sue the internet troll who tried to damage his image.

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Stephen Nolan might be a gay or a usual straight man with a happy but well-kept-from-media married life, we only hope that he remains happy. After all, a person who loves his mother so much does deserve happiness in his life.