In the world hell-bent on destinations, the American radio personality Liz Hernandez has a lot to teach us about enjoying the ride, sitting through all the swerves, the bumps, and the screeching halts.

Mexican-American radio and television personality Liz Hernandez has a lot to teach us in that regard; how she coped when her developing career came in the way of her relationship with her then boyfriend; how, instead of being preoccupied with happily ever after and blissful married life, she learned to enjoy working out the problems that life threw at her.

The California native garnered fame as a host of Los Angeles’ 106 FM’s Big Boy Neighborhood, and later in television as a host of NBC’s Access Hollywood. As of now, Liz works on a show, WORDAFUL, showcasing the power of words and the importance of the way they are used in our lives.

WORDAFUL: Learn the Power of Words, and How to use them properly with Liz Hernandez (Published on 31 August 2016)

Her vivacious work in the Big Boy Neighborhood earned her the name of Luscious Liz, something that supposedly vexed her then boyfriend—but more on that later.

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Liz Hernandez's Bio (Age) 

Born on 9 April 1980 in southern California, Liz started her career in broadcasting after graduating from the University of San Diego with a degree in communication and psychology.

Her big break in the LA’s radio scene was with Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood. The show earned a lot of fans and made her a desire for men and inspiration for women.

By 2007, with her stunning face (then aged 26), Liz was ready to break into Television, which she did as a reporter for MTV News. In 2011 she joined E! as a correspondent and later host of the E! News Now. Her most famous work, however, was for NBC’s Access Hollywood, a celebrity news show, of which she later went on to become the co-host.

Liz Turned Mother's Death-Cause To Work Of Art

By 2016, Liz had started her own project on social media, WORDAFUL. The project seeded into her mind when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and ultimately lost her voice because of it. Liz then came to a strong realization that words, and the way we use them, has incredible powers.

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Seeing her mother lose something so important with her own eyes (she was the caregiver for her aged mother), she was motivated to teach the world the power of words and using them in a correct way to unleash that power.

In a very similar fashion, lately, she has been corresponding with Don-A-Matrix Training with Don Brooks, to teach people how to use their body properly by means of specially crafted workouts. She has been conveying a message that everything we do in life is important and thus we need to do them the right way.

Failed Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Taught Liz Hernandez

Since Liz is notoriously reclusive about her relationships, her relationship status has always been a speculation game for media. What is curious is that Liz used to have a high school sweetheart, Levi Maestro, who she was dating during her early career years, and has a rather inspiring story to tell about.

Around the time when Liz was getting known in the LA—as Luscious Liz—because of her hit radio show, all the guys seem to be swooning over her, which used to vex Levi. Who likes some random guy 50 miles away fantasizing about his girl, anyway?

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The two of them, somehow, managed to get over that. Liz thanked Levi’s trust in her, and because of the openness they shared helped them sort everything between them.

Vacationing with Ex-Boyfriend: Liz Hernandez pictured with her high school sweetheart--the two dated for a period of four years in the early millennium  (Photo: Pinterest)

Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last long, but it did teach her how to balance personal and professional life, without having to compromise on either.

Is Liz Hernandez Married To Britney Spears' Ex-Husband?

A closure of one door seemed to open up another for the talented TV persona as her failed relationship with Levi led her to another hunk.

Around 2007 she was rumored to be dating Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline. The rumor didn't find enough headlines as it was supposed to, seeing as it was Britney Spears' ex-husband. Apparently, Liz wanted to keep the relationship quiet since she didn't want it to affect her professional life.

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More than ten years after Kevin and Liz’s relationship rumor, we don't know what happened since the blissful early days. She might be happily married for years, for all we know, or still single at the age of 38 and actively dating.

What we do know, however, is that Liz frequently, and fondly, tells the story of how she overcame relationship problems with Levi years ago. She was happy having to sort their problems out at that time, even though she wasn't supposed to end up with him. She certainly enjoyed the ride without being preoccupied with the destination.