A political pundit making appearances on several news segments; outspoken, bold and a boss lady with a southern accent that captivates all - Noelle Nikpour is a Republican fundraiser & strategist, political consultant, author, columnist and news commentator.

She is a television personality who is best recognized as a news commentator and political consultant appearing on several news channels like Fox News, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, and many more.

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Known also as an author, she penned the book Branding America: What Does Your Brand Say About You? (2012). Focusing more on her writing side, she is a columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel as well.

Noelle Nikpour Short Bio (Age & Ethnicity)

Currently, between the age of mid-50s, Noelle Michelle Nikpour is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Nikpour Family: Noelle Nikpour shares an old picture of her parents on Twitter (Photo: Noelle Nikpour's Twitter)

Her dad is an Iranian while the background of her mom is still not disclosed. So, talking about her family background she belongs to an Iranian ethnicity.

Let’s Go Through Noelle Nikpour’s Many Political Endeavors

Expertise when it comes to politics, her career is mostly revolved around the field itself. A Republican supporter, the conservative Noelle stood up as a candidate representing 18th Congressional District of Florida in the 2016 general election. Sadly she was defeated by Brian Mast and only received 1% public votes.

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But her candidacy didn’t go to waste, she earned a spot on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s list of 32 “Young Guns” congressional candidates competing for party support. And the run for the election also brought heights on her political career as well as her presence on the television news industry. She appears in several news networks as a political commentator.

Political Commentator: Noelle Nikpour appears on Steve Malzberg's Show and discusses the day's news and takes calls from the viewers (Photo: YouTube| 27 June 2016)

Recognized for her outspoken nature, she takes a strict stance on her positions. Recently she took stance related to an issue regarding the education trend --  challenging the value of an expensive college degree. She shared the view in her article on The Washington Post stating:

Generations of American laborers worked hard so their children could get an education and go to college, move up in the world and have office jobs. That’s still a path to success, but not the only one, and for many Americans, including myself, not the best one.

Also a Republican brand strategist she has raised funds for political candidates such as Asa Hutchinson, Dick De Vos, and Rudy Giuliani.

Noelle Nikpour’s Net Worth Reveal

Establishing herself as a political pundit, she accumulates her salary through various positions she holds in the field. As a Republican Party Consultant, she is estimated to earn an average salary of $84K -$91K. And her book is priced $12.99 so she definitely earns profit from it too which all adds up to her decent net worth (undisclosed).

Noelle Nikpour’s Relationship Status --- Married, Dating or Single?

Moving onto her love life which she is very secretive of; there are no details about whether she is married or has a husband at all. But in a 2013 tweet, she mentioned that she had a boyfriend but sadly to that as well there’s no insight if they’re still together or not.

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And in 2018, she posted a picture on Twitter with a handsome guy captioned the best night ever.

Lovers or Not: Noelle Nikpour shares a picture with a guy she had the best night in NYC (Photo: Noelle Nikpour's Twitter)

Well, this might give a hint on her low-key love life blooming but nothing can be confirmed until the beauty herself clearly gives us some insights!