Defying age with her sizzling looks and undeniable beauty, Gina Gentry Loudon, 56, got married at a place that projected the reminiscent of the past cold era, which had been revamped by the spring, bringing forth the modish journey regenerated through love, beliefs, and culture.  

The Missouri native is known as a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business. She has also landed her critical remarks on MSNBC, CNN, and others. 

She is regarded as one of the 100 founding members of the Tea Party movement and was also a founding writer for Breitbart News. She has made appearances on or been cited by many major news outlets including the BBC, Time magazine, and more. 

She’s also a regular guest on popular news channels including Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, and CSPAN, where she talks about politics, business, women’s issues, fashion, psychology, and more.

A loud Trump supporter, Louden is also an acclaimed author and has written several books including Mad Politics (2018),  Ladies and Gentlemen (2012), and What Women Really Want (2014).

Parents Swap: Dr. Gina Louden stance on her departure from the reality show Wife Swap and conservatism (Published on May 2, 2013)

She and her husband are also remembered for leaving the social experiment reality show, Wife Swap, unexpectedly, after heated situations with a polyamorous and bisexual family.

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In the show, fans got a chance to have a closer look at her bonded family, and they were especially impressed by the acts of love and empathy from her daughter Lyda's part.   

Gina Loudon's Parents, Age, Birthday, Weight & Height 

Loudon was born in Missouri, the USA on 21 March 1962. Her supportive and inspiring parents raised her. 

The amazing television personality regarded one of the most attractive media personalities in today's' age. She has a wonderful hourglass-shaped body with the body measurement of 38-26-37 inches. Likewise, she stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 61 kg. Her dress size is 10, feet size is 7, and her bra size is 34D.

No wonder, the conservative analyst was named one of the 10 Hottest Women in News Media and one of the Top 50 Conservative Columnists of 2016.

Gina Loudon's Bio, Education & Career: Ph.D., KJSL, American Trends, Arizona BUYCott, Fox News, Trump

Loudon completed her Ph.D. in Human Development, granted by Fielding Graduate University, in 2012. She had previously earned two MAs, both in 2011 - one in Counseling Education from the Missouri-based Saint Louis University and other in Human and Organizational Development from the California-based Fielding Graduate University.

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After graduation and a brief writing stint alongside Andrew Breitbart at the birth of the Tea Party, Gina worked with KJSL as a talk show host.

Not Long after, she also started her own drive-time show titled Dr. Gina Show - the show gradually gained positive reviews and became one of the fastest selling shows on Crawford Broadcasting family of stations.

The Dr. Gina Show, Show Host

Crawford Broadcasting

June 2010 - May 2012, 2 years

Smart Life WIth Dr. Gina, Host


Jan 2012 - Jan 2015, 3 years 1 month

Donald J. Trump For President, Nationa TV Surrogate

Donald Trump Campaign

2016, less than a year

Arizona BUYCott, One of Principle Activist

BUYcott of Whole Foods, currently, the great State of Arizona, then Ford MotorCompany

February 2010 - present

What Women Really Want (2014) & Ladies and Gentleman (2012), Author


2009 - present, 8 years 11 month

Fox News, Fox Business & Others, TV Analyst/TV news host/news analyst

Fox News, Fox Business, & more

Dec 2009 - present, 8 years 10 months

America Trends With Dr. Gina, National TV host

Time Warner Cable Networks

April 2015 - present, 3 years 6 months


Media Advisory Board, Advisor

Donald J. Trump For President, Inc.

June 2017 - present, 1 year 4 months

Later, Dr. Gina became the host of America Trends, a show that aired on cable networks (plus Amazon, Roku, and others) ultimately gaining more than 32 million subscribers. It was based on social media and trends of the day.

What is Gina Loudon's Net Worth At Age 56?

Loudon is one of those rare personalities who has remained relatable since decades in the competitive media sphere.

Covering contemporary issues, trends, business, psychology to politics in her media career, Gina has accumulated an estimated net worth of $5million US dollars.

However, for her, accumulating revenue through her work experience and solid education in Human Development wasn't enough - somehow out of her busy schedules, she has been able to time to advise the 45th President of the United States.

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Gina's Unwavering Support For President Trump Has Brought Her Harsh Criticisms

In the America that seems to dislike current president more than any other presidents of the past, Gina is one of the staunchest supports of President Trump. That is even more marvelous because she is a woman and women supporters of the President seems to be in numbers that can be counted in fingers.

It has made her popular among the conservative circle but has also brought harshest of the criticisms from the other side of the political spectrum. In a recent Instagram feed, she was wearing a lanyard that said Republican Attorney during the Florida elections. Her critics picked that photo to mean that Gina was trying to falsely increase her credibility as she does not hold a law degree.

The circumstances surrounding her wearing of the said lanyard are not known, but it was enough for her critics to shred her apart and to deem her as a charlatan.

Gina Loudon Got Married In Historical Place, Who Is Her Husband?

Coming to her personal life, Gina met her husband, former Republican member of Missouri Senate, John Williams Loudon while pursuing her bachelor's degree at William Woods University. They later got married at his alma mater, Westminster College, in the 17th-century church, St. Mary, Aldermanbury in 1990.

The place not only holds remarkable significance for the couple but also has its own historical significance - it's where British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (alongside US President Harry S. Truman) made the Iron Curtain Speech announcing the beginning of the Cold war against Soviet Union's alleged aggression on its western front.

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It was a perfect place for the religious, conservative couple to have gotten married. The historical figures from the past had stood up for their countries and beliefs at the same place where the couple would decide to start a brand new future as life-long partners - as Britain and US did out of their beliefs. 

Call it a good omen, shortly after their marriage, her husband, John, ran for State Representative and won. He was later reelected maximum times allowed by the law. His last political stint as a Senate also would ultimately reach its term limit. This shows how popular was he among his constituency and political sphere.  

Now as a single marital soul, the pair remember witnessing their conservative hero President Regan dedicating a part of the famous Churchill's speech on the Campus of Westminister College. 

How Many Children Gina Louden & John William Louden Have? Adopted Daughter Or Son?

The pair has five children, two daughters named Lyda and Lily, three sons Jack, Robert and Samuel, who was adopted. The family currently reside in San Diego, California in the United States.

With five KIds, a loyal and loving husband, a successful career, Gina Loudon seems to have everything in her life that she wants. Despite her age, she looks glamorous and beautiful because of her enigmatic physical attributes.

Happy Parents, Sons, Daughters: Dr. Gina's happy family: Gina Loudon with husband John (Photo: Pinterest)

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Plus, there have been no rumors of them cheating on each other up to date - which makes us envy her merry married life.

Gina Loudon Cried Knowing Teen Daughter Relationship With 57-Year-Old

Even though Louden was a conservative mom, she asked God for love and support when she found out from one of her friends (via text) that media had flooded about her daughter (then 18-year-old), Lydia, relationship with a man in her fifties. 

Her elder daughter Lyda Loudon, 22, is currently dating Steven Bauer, 61, who is a Cuban-American actor and is best known for “Scarface” and reality television series titled Ray Donovan.

When the man was revealed to be none other than famous Scarface actor Steven Bauer, the three-time-divorcee father of two children, who were years older than Lydia herself, everyone was left shocked    

Age Difference, What?: Gina Louden's daughter Lydia met Breaking Bad actor Steven Bauer as a teenager and fell in love (Published on Jul 20, 2016) 

Like every loving mother would have done in such a situation, Gina handled the situation maturely, making her daughter promise not to lose 'virginity' until marriage. 

The Louden's were also worried initially by the fact that if their daughter ever married Bauer, 61, she would derive a rather likely fate of a young age widow within twenty to thirty years.

What worse, it was especially hard for Lydia's politician conservative father, John, who is 11 years younger than Bauer, to accept the fact that his daughter is dating someone older than him. 

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However, Gina and John were able to manage the world about the situation more candidly, at the time, thanks to reality show Wife Swap.

As of now, it looks like Lydia and Steven's relationship has grown on the Louden's and they are calmly living with the reality.