Rebel Wilson made the world burst into fits of laughter with her movies and TV shows while she dealt with immense personal grief in private. 

Who Is Rebel Wilson's Father?

As per reports from DailyMail, the actress acknowledged that her father, whose name remains undisclosed, passed away in the second week of the production of ABC's Super Fun Night

The actress also indicated that the news of her father's passing had not made it to the public eye.

Although she did not reveal exactly when her father passed away, the show's timeline suggested that he died sometime in 2013. She did not disclose the cause of death either.

Rebel Wilson's Father Wasn't Really in Prison

Wilson is undoubtedly a global icon when it comes to comedy, but surprisingly little is known about her personal life in general. 


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Wilson talked about her colorful childhood during her time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she also told the talk show host that her parents were professional dog showers and beagle breeders. 

The Bridesmaids actress admitted to W magazine in the past that she has spilled some family secrets onstage during her early standup days in Australia. Still, given that the entire point of doing standup was to make jokes, it was hard to discern fact from fiction. 

For instance, she once gagged about her father being in prison for one of her shows and only later revealed that the joke did not sit very well with her real father. 


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The Rocky Journey of the Show

Despite the tragic incident, the actress found the strength to keep working on Super Fun Night, which in itself was a difficult journey. 

The show starring, written, and produced by Wilson was initially set to air on the CBS network. However, the network eventually let go of the show, and it was later picked up by ABC. 

Even so, ABC decided to scrap the original pilot episode for the show and decided to go with the second episode in the premiere. 


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The show started off with a healthy viewership of 8.23 million, but by the time the final episode had aired, that number was down to 2.67 million. Hence, the network decided against making a second season for the show. 

She Learned a Lot on the Show

In time, the actress elected to stick with movies and exercise her writing skills for the big screen. The alternative would have been to write and perform seven pages of TV comedy every day, which, in her words, was "insane." 

Even though the show was short-lived, Wilson admitted that she learned a great deal during the time she worked on Super Fun Night, as reported by

She added that the crew pumped out eight and a half hours worth of content in eight months, which was comparable to making four full-length movies back to back, including the whole process of writing, editing, and releasing it to the public.


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She still believed that the show had a lot of potential but didn't pan out because it was not what the audience wanted her to do at that point in her career. 

It's not like the limited success of that one show slowed her down, though. The Pitch Perfect star went on to star in over a dozen movies and TV shows since.