Rebel Wilson had declared 2020 as her "Year of Health" and saw to it that her ambition came to fruition. She lost over sixty pounds and achieved her goal weight by November 2020. 

As of recently, the Australian comedian has been flaunting her physique "on Instagram shamelessly," and proudly showcasing her hard-earned progress. 


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165 lbs. by the End of 2020

Wilson had announced in January 2020 that she would aim to become 165 pounds before the year ended. For that, she opted for Mayr Method

According to The Guardian, this method is a form of extreme detoxification where the subjects are made aware of the importance of gut health as an essential pillar to their overall health. 

The dietary aspect of this regimen made followers quit snacking and reduce their gluten and dairy intake while getting them to chew their morsels for longer durations. 


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Apart from regulating her diet, the comic also started to walk more often. She would simply put on her athleisure and went for walks often. 

She was also actively avoiding sugar and junk food through deliberate hydration. Although there were some hard sacrifices along the way, the results speak for themselves. 

An Intense Training Regimen

Even after she made the initial announcement early on in the year, she shared her milestones with her Instagram followers throughout her journey. 


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In July 2020, the comic let her fans know that she had added flipping tires to her workout routine.

Of course, the video of her working out had to have a tongue-in-cheek caption notifying Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth that a new Australian action hero was in the works. 

Wilson had been training with Jono Castano for up to seven days a week. Under his expert guidance, she had also been doing stair sprints and bouts with battle ropes. 


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Finally There

For the days she had other things to do during the day, Wilson got up earlier than usual, managed to go on a hike, and cram in a couple of hundred-meter sprints to get the blood flowing. 

By October 2020, she was only six and a half pounds over her goal weight. 

In November 2020, she had finally achieved what she'd set out to do those eleven months ago, and to commemorate the moment, she put up a post on her socials. 


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The post featured the Pooch Perfect star sporting a Canada Goose parka over a black top paired with a matching set of fitting pants as she set out on a hike amid the mountains at Altausseer See in Austria.

Alongside the snap, she wrote, 

Enjoying a morning walk amongst health treatments at the glorious @vivamayraltaussee ... finishing my Year of Health off STRONG at the place that gave me that first kick-start.

The caption was an ode to the Austria-based VivaMayr, the luxury detox and wellness center that initiated the actress onto a healthier lifestyle. 

During her weight loss journey, she admitted that the road wasn't easy. There were days where she wanted to give up, annoyed at the lack of visible progress, and frustrated. 

Still, having been through it all, she has become an inspiration to millions of fans the world over.