Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry are all in the upper echelons of sports stars who receive a huge salary which has massively inflated their net worth.

Sports broadcasters are also not far away regarding salary as they get paid a considerable sum for their work. Trey Wingo is also in his league of his own regarding earnings after his exertions with the ESPN

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Veteran Sportscaster Trey Wingo is the co-host of ESPN flagship show Golic and Wingo. Apart from that he also contributes to other ESPN shows, SportsCenter and NFL Live. 

The Life And Times Of Trey Wingo: Bio

Trey was born on 19 September 1963 as Hal Chapman Wingo III to famous father Hal Wingo Sr. His father was the founding editor the PEOPLE magazine, and Trey picked up his brains in his childhood which fascinated him to be a reporter.  

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Growing up in Connecticut, Trey was a pal of famous American footballer Steve Young, with whom he went to school together as a child.

He attended Baylor University as part of his education where he was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, an international reputed social fraternity founded initially at Miami University, graduating with a degree in mass communication in 1985. 

Trey Wingo's Glittering Career CV Working With NBC, ESPN

Trey had a nomadic career starting up;  switching up between various independent channels as sports director. Immediately after graduation, his first foray into TV was with NBC News at Sunrise.

However, the presenter, who had switched between  5 channels in 10 years, was to be later hailed as a model professional for his dedicated service to a single station. 

He joined ESPN in 1997 and has remained loyal to the station ever since.  Starting as play-by-play announcer for Arena Football League, he has risen the ranks to be the face of ESPN through Golic and Wingo.

Trey Wingo & Mike Golic: Trey and Mike talk during their show 'Golic And Wingo' (Photo: Pinterest)

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Trey is now hosting a sports television programme NFL Primetime along with other famous TV shows like NFL Live, a build-up and detailed match analysis of an NFL game and also Who's No. 1?, a sports series which ranked the best teams, records, and sports-related genre.

He has also lent his voice to video games like ESPN NFL 2k5 and others, making him quite a popular figure in American sports.

Despite coming in and peeking to the American houses daily through ESPN his own life has been under the wraps. Apart from the fact that his wife is Janice Parmelee, no details have been divulged from the media personality's side to unravel his personal life. 

Apart from working with ESPN, Trey, who boasts a height of 6 feet 3 inches, is also involved with The V Foundation which focuses on research to find the cure for cancer.

Trey's family members including his grandfather, parents, and aunts have been affected by the disease which has led him to speak and raise awareness of the disease. In 2014, Trey tweeted an inspirational message saying that if his family members could beat cancer so could all others with '#DontEverGiveUp.'

He also donates a chunk of the hefty salary he receives through his association with the ESPN towards the social cause.

New Deal, Massive Salary, and Net Worth 

In 2015 ESPN announced that Trey would be a part of shortened Sunday Morning NFL Insiders show which kicked off usually an hour before the actual game. Along with a new time slot and the new program, Trey also signed a multiyear extension with the network with improved salary and bonuses. 

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What's more, two years later he was also roped in to replace ESPN veteran Mike Greenberg of the Show Mike & Mike. The show was revamped after Greenberg's replacement and has been airing as Golic and Wingo since October 2017. 

Trey Wingo: Trey as the presenter of 'NFL Live' (Photo: Pinterest )

Trey's predecessor in the show Mike Greenberg was getting paid a hefty salary of $6.5 million by the ESPN and Trey's salary is believed to be in line with Mike's pay. 

Because of the lofty salary, he commands through ESPN; Trey has been able to amass a huge net worth. Despite not revealing the exact figure, Trey's net worth is thought to be in millions and being one of the most prominent faces on TV that is completely justifiable.

Like his professional life, Trey is loving a blissful married life as well. The veteran TV personality is happily married to his wife Janice Parmelee since a very long time.

So for the on-lookers, Trey has accomplished a lot in the field of journalism from his decades of hard work and determination.