American Youtuber plus social media star Tessa Brook, at age 19, has achieved more stardom than artists who have been toiling for recognition for more than her time on earth. This doesn’t negate her talents as an entertainer nor does it nullifies her experience of being heartbroken at such a tender age.

The Fresno, California Native is a multifaceted individual -- she’s a dancer, actress, and model. Her self-titled YouTube channel has over 3.5 million subscribers. Likewise, her Instagram has over 6.3 m followers. 

She was also known for being the part of social media collab group called Team 10.

Tour & Car: Tessa shows her new whip on YouTube video and announces tour dates for her upcoming performances in Fullscreen Live's fourth annual nationwide Girl's Night In Tour for 20 cities (11 July 2018 and)

Bare with us while we list Tessa’s wikis ranging from her dating status to information on her family.

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Her Family: 2 Sisters and One Half-Sister

Tessa comes from a family of dancers. As a result, she began training at an early age.

The Fresno native has two sisters and a step-sister from her father side. Her mom remarried her stepfather on 21 May 2016. A year later, she congratulated them on their wedding anniversary.

Both of her sisters are dancers as well. On 12 December 2017, she tweeted that one of her sisters had become a vlogger.

Tesa Brooks' Bio & Career: Team 10 & Beef With Alisa Violet

The YouTube star took her first dance lesson at the tender age of 2. While competing for a show, she was scouted by a producer and signed to ‘Disney’s Next Big Thing.’ She would then go on to appear on national commercials: Equestria Girls, Just Dance 4, and Sketchers.

Her catalog later saw a boost as she appeared in the YouTube movie, Dance Camp. She also performed on The Pulse Tour, showcasing her talents across the country.

In January 2017, she joined the experimental collab group of social media influencers called Team 10,  founded by Youtube/Vine sensation Jake Paul. As a part of Team10, she learned to build a social media presence and work with the team in creating numerous viral contents ranging from music videos to lifestyle posts. 

Her stint in the social group proved to be fruitful in hindsight as she also got a chance to work with her future boyfriend Chance Sutton. But, her time in Team 10  saw the biggest controversy in her career in 2017 when she was riled up in a public feud with YouTube star, Alisa Violet, who was also her bestie and fellow Team 10 member.

Apparently, their friendship ended when Violet got immersed in a feud with founder Jake Paul, in which Tesa reportedly sided with him. Rightly so, Violet felt that her bestie shouldn't have supported Jake when she was accusing him of bullying behavior, and soon after, she left the show.  

The notable former Team10 personalities are Alissa Violet, Alex Lange, Marcus Dobre, Aj Mitchell, Drake Rehfeld, Stan Gerards, Lucas Dobre, Emilio Anthony, Chance, Nick Crompton, Tristan Tales, and Evan. The remaining Team10 member include founder Jake Paul and his girlfriend  Erika Kostell, Chad Tepper, Anthony Trujillo, Justin Roberts, Ben Hampton, and Apollo.

When Did Tesa Brooks' Leave Team 10?

In January 2018, Tessa declared she was no longer a part of the group. A couple of days late, on 6 January 2018, commenting on her decision she said: 

‘We’ve grown apart and we’re heading in different directions, and that’s totally OK. It’s not something that is right for me anymore. We just disagree on a lot of things. Things just aren’t how they used to be.’

 At present, she’s a member of the dance crew, immaBEAST. In 2018, her skills on the floor also abled her to be featured on the web series, Boss Cheer.

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Tessa Separates With Boyfriend/Husband Chance Amidst Rumors Of Elopment

Tessa and Chance Sutton began dating in 2017, as they were both members of Team10. They started their relationship as best friends.

On June 18, 2017, the YouTube stars were seen in Las Vegas as rumors of them eloping began to spiral online. She later posted a video on Twitter & Youtube on 20 June confirming that she got married to Chance in Vegas

 However, to everybody’s surprise, she announced her split with her boyfriend/husband in August via her YouTube Channel. Appearing emotional on the video, she asserted that the now-split couple would continue to be friends.

Friendship Over Marriage: Tessa speaks on her breakup with husband Chance Sutton on video posted on her YouTube channel on 5 August 2017.

Tessa was later linked with fellow housemate and YouTube star, Tristan Tales. However, they later revealed that they had just orchestrated a prank on fans by confessing about liking each other.

Who is Tessa Brooks' Boyfriend 2018? 

They say first cut is the deepest. Did Tessa's breakup with her ex-boyfriend/ex-husband at the tender age of 18 scarred her for life? We’ll have to wait and watch. But as of now, she appears as glee as ever, enjoying her singlehood.

She has remained mum on her relationship status since her break-up with Chance.